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Strategic Goals

The strategic goals we have set for the next three years will help us to better serve the needs of individual SLU educators and to make a greater impact on the educational culture of the University more broadly. Of course, along the way, we also will have to concentrate on building capacity (knowledge and skills, financial resources, personal resources, and the like) in a variety of areas, and we will need to measure progress toward achieving our goals regularly. The following table lays out our current strategic goals:

Table of strategic directions and goals

These goals are intentionally broad; they represent work already underway in the Center, as well as offer flexibility for emerging initiatives over the next three years. In order to ensure achievement of these goals, we have broken down each into specific, measurable objectives (as presented in the next section). However, we are prepared to replace any number of these more specific objectives with other related work, if instructional and/or institutional needs shift. Both the Strategic Directions and Strategic Goals are broad enough to accommodate such flexibility.