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Faculty Mentor

The purpose of the faculty mentor is to provide the Certificate participant with a person with whom he/she can openly discuss discipline or like-discipline perspectives on teaching. A full, detailed description of the expectations for the mentor/mentee relationship can be found in the Faculty Mentor Information and Guidelines document.


  • The Mentor and Mentee agree to meet four times throughout the duration of the participant's time enrolled in the program.
  • Meeting topics are outlined in the Faculty Information and Guidelines and correspond to program milestones
  • At the completion of the certificate, the Faculty Mentor writes a final summary letter for the participant to include in his/her portfolio.


  • The mentor and mentee cannot be enrolled in the Certificate Program simultaneously
  • The mentor must be a faculty member at Saint Louis University
  • The faculty mentor is not required to be within the same department as the participant; however, at a minimum, a like department is encouraged in order to discuss teaching in the participant's field.

Become a Mentor

  • This is a formal mentoring relationship; the Certificate participant will initiate a request to the mentor with a Faculty Mentor form.
  • Once the form has been received, the Reinert Center staff will email a confirmation to the mentor and include a copy of: