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Online University Teaching Skills

The Reinert Center enhances the quality of undergraduate and graduate education by offering a certificate in Online University Teaching Skills for all full- and part-time faculty, graduate students, and teaching staff. 


The purpose of the Online University Teaching Skills Certificate is to promote the development of faculty and graduate students in their journey toward transformative teaching by expanding their ability to offer pedagogically sound instruction in virtual classroom environments.  


In order to enroll in the Certificate, complete the Statement of Intent.


The requirements for the Online University Teaching Skills Certificate are designed to create the occasion for participants to meet the following objectives over the course of at least two semesters. 

  • Identify and analyze different learning and teaching styles associated with online courses.
  • Discuss and apply various methods to assess student learning outcomes and teaching.
  • Consider productive faculty-student relationships.
  • Acquire knowledge about fundamental classroom teaching skills including lecturing, managing discussions, and other active, experiential, and collaborative learning techniques for a variety of teaching contexts and environments.
  • Design a discipline-specific asynchronous online course and syllabus with appropriate instructional methodology and measurable learning objectives.
  • Reflect on the pedagogical practices of university instruction, and how the lessons taken from participating in certificate activities have changed one's relationship with teaching.

Requirements comprise at least eight (8) Effective Teaching Credits. A minimum of two (2) semesters are required to complete this certificate.

  • Introduction to Online Teaching Seminar (two credits) (seminar must have been completed after 2019 to count for credit.)
  • Four Courses in Online Teaching (one-two credits each)
  • Capstone Guided Self-Assessment and Self-Reflection (two credit)

NB: At this time only Reinert Center offerings will count for credit toward this certificate. Credits from other Reinert Center certificates cannot  be used for or transferred to this certificate. 

Capstone Guided Self-Assessment Requirement

Saint Louis University has developed an Online Course Design rubric, drawn from research based effective practices in online teaching. While the Reinert Center is not part of the peer review process courses must undergo before they can be offered online, we do believe the rubric is a valuable tool for self-assessment and reflection that will occur during the Capstone component of the Online Certificate in University Teaching Skills.  

Steps in the Capstone 

  1. The certificate participant will complete the Capstone Readiness Form.
  2. The certificate participant will complete the development and construction of an online course. Unless granted an exception to use another LMS, the course will be constructed in Canvas.
  3. The certificate participant will notify the Reinert Center that they are ready to begin the Capstone. If needed, the Reinert Center will create a Canvas course shell for the participant to use.
  4. The certificate participant will complete the Self-Assessment form.
  5. The certificate participant will schedule a meeting to discuss their course and self-assessment with staff from the Reinert Center.
  6. The certificate participant will use this experience to inform the Reflection on Online Teaching Development Requirement.