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Reflection on Teaching Online Development Requirement

The Reflection on Teaching Online Development requirement is the final part of the capstone and the certificate.

Reflection on Online Teaching Development 

Reflection is essential to one’s development as a teacher, and it is integral in the context of Jesuit education. Therefore, as the culminating act of your participation in the Online Certificate, you are asked to reflect critically on what you have learned about online teaching, what you have learned about yourself as an online teacher, and how you have developed through the overall experience of participating in the programming and experiences related to this certificate. In your writing, you will draw connections between, and articulate the significance of the various activities in which you have engaged to complete this certificate. Reflecting on your actions and learning activities will provide insight to your strengths, gaps, and future directions as a teacher. The main focus of this reflection is on the components of the Certificate, but other online teaching-related activities may be included in your reflection as well. 


The Reflection on Online Teaching Development is a narrative-type essay (at least one page long) in which you reflect critically on two overarching areas of your online teaching development: how the specific experiences you have had during the activities related to this certificate have changed (or not) your thinking about online teaching and learning, and how you hope to continue your development as an online teacher in the future. 

The reflection could include discussion of any of the following points: 

  1. A description of your overall development as an online teacher during your time in the program;
  2. Examples from some of the courses and/or other events you attended for Effective Teaching Credit, pointing to lessons or ideas that have changed the way you think about online teaching and/or learning;
  3. Examples of any teaching experience you may have had during this period, focusing on how you applied lessons learned in the program.
  4. Personal learning goals for the future based on how you have grown through the program and where you are now in your teaching development. 

One last thing to keep in mind: while you must include the components described above, the essay should stem from your own individualized reflection and consideration of your particular experience. This means the essay will look different (in terms of formatting, emphasis, etc.) for everyone. 

Questions for Reflection 

To stimulate your thinking, you might consider some or all of the following questions as you reflect on your development (you are not required to respond to these questions; they are simply to help you get started with your reflection): 

  1. Where were you in your thinking about online teaching when you began the Online Certificate?
  2. What did you know, believe, or assume about how students learn online when you began the program?
  3. How has your understanding of online teaching and/or learning changed?
  4. What lessons will stay with you from the courses you attended? How have they informed your views about online teaching/learning? Your choices as an online teacher?
  5. What actions might you take next in light of your learning to continue to develop yourself as an online teacher?