In this section, we aim to provide links to select resources on teaching and learning, as well as online learning modules and other resources developed by Reinert Center staff and Saint Louis University faculty. Because we strive for selectivity, we approach this set of teaching resources as curators-considering the vast array of pedagogical resources freely available online, selecting carefully those that seem to have the broadest application for SLU instructors, and synthesizing them into organized, easy-to-access resources.

Pedagogical resources are grouped loosely into the following categories:

  • Teaching at Saint Louis University: Resources specifically focused on the needs of those new to teaching at SLU.
  • Teaching Tips and Resources: Resources focused on specific pedagogical topics; includes both brief Teaching Resource Guides and more in-depth web pages.
  • Multimedia Resources: Short podcasts, interviews, keynote addresses, and symposium presentations created as part of a Reinert Center event or series and posted with permission.
  • Notebook Archives: Past issues of The Notebook, formerly our quarterly newsletter.  (This publication became our weekly blog in 2012.)

Over time, the Reinert Center staff will continue to build upon these pages, adding original content and new links.

Have a recommendation for a resource we might include? Let us know by submitting it through our online form by clicking here.

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