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Committees: 2020-2021

 Note: Work on this web page is in progress.  Names of Faculty Senate representatives on Board of Trustees subcommittees display in the Other Committees section below.

Senate Standing Committees

Executive Committee

Academic Affairs Committee

Compensation and Fringe Benefits Committee

Governance Committee

Professional Relations Committee

Other Committees

Ad Hoc Judicial Panel Members


Faculty Senate-Nominated Faculty Representatives on Board of Trustees Subcommittees

  • Academic Affairs: Brian Downes (CAS), Kimberly Enard (CPHSJ), Ruth Evans (as FS President), Terry Tomazic (as FS President-elect)
  • Business and Administration: Jim Fisher (CSB), Constance Wagner (SOL)

  • Development: Huliyar Mallikarjuna (PKS)

  •  Investment Committee: Tom Doellman (CSB)

  •  Marketing and Branding: Brad Carlson (CSB)

  •  Medical Education and Clinical Affairs: Medhat Osman (SOM)

  •  Mission and Identity: Eleonore Stump (CAS)

  •  Student Development: Karla Scott (CAS)


Faculty Senate-Nominated Faculty Representatives on Other University Committees