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Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is the principal organ and voice of the faculty in matters of University-wide concern, and it is the primary means by which the faculty members of the University participate in governance of the University as a whole. [SLU Faculty Manual, Sec II.E.]

Click HERE for Information on Proposed Faculty Manual Amendments (Spring 2021)

Calls for Award Nominations (Spring 2021)

Dr. Norman A. White Award for Engaged Scholarship and Service
John A. Slosar Shared Governance Award


Welcome to the website of the Faculty Senate. The Senate is the representative body for all the faculty at Saint Louis University. Senators are elected by their academic unit (that is, college, school, library, or center) to serve as its representatives, that is, to represent the views of the faculty in their units. Senators also serve as University citizens, listening to the views of senators across the University, and letting their faculty know about the business conducted at Senate meetings, including any decisions and resolutions passed by the Senate.

Senate’s main functions are to oversee the provisions of the Saint Louis University Faculty Manual , and to uphold the academic mission of the university and its Catholic Jesuit ideals. Senate ensures that the principles of shared governance are adhered to by faculty and administrators alike. The Faculty Manual  is your contract with the University; it describes all the rights, powers, privileges, and responsibilities of  the faculty.

Please feel free to contact me at any time – – if you want to raise any concerns you have as a senator or as a faculty member, no matter how small they might seem. All faculty concerns are the business of the Senate.


Ruth Evans, Ph.D.
Faculty Senate President
Dorothy McBride Orthwein Professor of English
Department of English
3800 Lindell Boulevard
St. Louis, MO  63108
Tel: 314-977-3007

Ruth Evans