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COVID-19 Update March 26

Dear members of the Saint Louis University community,  

Higher purpose. Greater good. 

I do not have to tell you how powerful those words are, nor how much they mean to us as an institution.  

Our motto highlights our mission, and our mission drives what I want to share with you today: Mission does not stop while we isolate. Even now, we pursue truth for the greater glory of God and for the service of humanity.  

The Center for Service and Community Engagement has compiled a list of the many ways to get involved in the St. Louis community, which will be updated as we learn more from our community partners. These include making care and concern phone calls to homebound senior citizens and livestreaming fun and useful classes for people with disabilities. Advocating for those in need is equally as important as serving; several advocacy opportunities are also part of the list and it too will be updated as needs become known. 

You may view the list of opportunities on the CSCE website

March 26 updates: 

This evening I will conclude by sharing a guest column that Washington University Chancellor Andrew Martin and I co-authored for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. We note St. Louis’ resilience in the face of a pandemic, reminiscing on our community’s response to the influenza pandemic of 1918. An excerpt:  

“In times of crisis, communities pull together. As history has shown, some do this better than others. In St. Louis, if our past is any indication, we have what it takes to dig in and do what is needed to pull through. … We must stay focused, brace ourselves for what comes next, and know that whatever happens, we’ll face it together.” 

God bless you, your families, and Saint Louis University. 

Fred P. Pestello, Ph.D.

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