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If you're considering applying for the honors program but have questions about joining, take a look at these frequently asked questions. 

What are the benefits of the Saint Louis University Honors Program?
  • Honors students are allowed to register for honors-only courses, which are typically smaller, taught by highly-ranked faculty and discussion-based.
  • Courses taken for honors credit are clearly marked on your transcript and add distinction to graduate school and employment applications.
  • Honors students can register for courses one business day before the assigned registration date.
  • An adviser assists honors students with arranging course schedules and registration.
Is participation in the University Honors Program restricted to certain majors?

No. Students from all majors and pre-professional programs can apply for admission to the University Honors Program. Honors core seminars, cross-listed courses, contract options, independent study options and the senior capstone allow students in all disciplines, including those pursuing post-graduate studies, to take part in the program.

As an honors student, how will my curriculum differ from other students?
Honors students are required to take an introductory course, HR 1900: Crossroads, during their first semester. You can then take honors sections of core classes which are designed for greater interaction between the instructor and the class. Honors students are also required to take an upper-level honors senior seminar to emphasize the value of diverse knowledge. You will also be required to complete a minimum of three hours of HR 4960: Senior Honors Capstone. This requirement can be completed in conjunction with a senior paper or project required by your major. More information about the curriculum can be found here.
How many honors courses do I take?

Honors students are expected to complete a minimum of 24 credit hours of honors coursework. This credit requirement translates to one honors course per semester, although you can take more than one honors course in a semester or skip semesters if your schedule requires it. Transfer students can transfer up to 12 honors credits at the discretion of the University Honors Program director.

Do honors students live together?

Honors students can choose to live in the honors learning community. Student accepted into this program live with other honors students in Spring Hall, take common courses together, and participate in additional events designed exclusively for the learning community.

Is the honors program only open to first-year students?

While the majority of students join as first-year students in their fall semester, students with fewer than 45 earned credit hours are eligible to apply.