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Move-In FAQ

Find answers to your frequently asked about moving into Saint Louis University residence halls this fall.

Move-In Timing

When is move-in?
Returning student move-in will be Aug. 14-16.  To allow for social distancing, the University plans to expand new student move-in from one day to three, Aug. 11-13.

What is my move-in time? 

Your residence hall and floor will determine your assigned move-in day and time.

Find Your Move-In Time

What if I can't make it during my assigned move-in time?
Please email and let them know what date/time works better for you and what conflicts prevent you from moving in during your assigned time. 

Will students in learning communities and the Honors Program move in early?
No. All students should follow the times posted on the move in schedule regardless of  if they are in a learning community or the Honors Program. 

Move-In Assistance

How many people can help me move-in?
We will enforce a limit of two move-in helpers per student.
Will carts be available to transport items during move-in?
Carts will still be available to assist with the move-in process at each residence hall, but there may be a wait to use them during the move in times.
Will Oriflamme be available to assist during move-in and Fall Welcome?

 Oriflamme (Fall Orientation Leaders) will be present to assist with new student move-in on August 11-13. However, with COVID concerns and guidelines, their support will look different than it has in previous years.

Our plan is for Oriflamme Leaders to support families with their move-in efforts based upon the comfort level of both the new student and our leaders.

Oriflamme Leaders will continue to support new students in their transition to SLU by leading them through our hybrid Fall Welcome program. 

Will families be able to stay beyond the two-hour time slot to help their students move in?

Modeling our successful move-out process in March, we have developed a similar strategic plan for move-in. We found that two hours was plenty of time to accommodate a family’s needs, and that this schedule significantly reduced the density of guests in our facilities at a given time. 

In order to de-densify residence hall buildings during the move-in process and allow for social distancing recommendations, each student's designated helpers will be asked to stay only for their designated two-hour time slot. Because move-in will take place over several days, helpers will not be permitted to return to the residence halls. (Please see information about our fall 2020 guest guidelines for additional information.) Students will be permitted to leave their residence halls to shop and can assist each other if needed.  

Other FAQ

What health safeguards will be in place for move-in?

There will be health screening prior to entering residential buildings. We will require face masks for all those who enter residential buildings (with exceptions only for those with ADA accommodations). 

Learn More About SLU's COVID-19 Safeguards

Can we use the stairs during move-in?
As of now, stair usage is not restricted. 
When will students receive their SLU IDs?
Students will receive their ID at check in during their move-in time.
Will dining options be open during move-in?
The campus meal plan will begin on Aug. 11, to coincide with the first new student move-in day. Grand Hall, The Billiken Club, Starbucks and Subway will be open Aug. 11-16. Additional dining options will be available starting on Aug. 17.