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Employee Well-being

Saint Louis University Human Resources offers wellness programs to faculty and staff encompassing physical, financial, spiritual, intellectual and emotional/social well-being.

Upcoming Wellness Events

SLU's Employee Well-Being Program sponsors various wellness-related events throughout the year. These events focus on physical, social/emotional, intellectual, financial and spiritual wellness.

June is Intellectual Wellness MonthHuman head with different emotions

Intellectual wellness is defined as recognizing one's creative abilities and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills. During the month of June, we are highlighting some of our talented SLU professors who have graciously agreed to share their knowledge and expertise. “Learn Something New from a SLU Professor” will showcase some of SLU’s finest in various topics from their respective fields. Please read the descriptions of the classes below and RSVP to  


Thursday, June 8 

Beer Sensory 

Abbey Spencer-Brewery Science and Operations

Sensory and Beer develops the skills needed to brew great-tasting beers! The course introduces the chemical and microbiological elements of beer associated with aromatic expression and sensory evaluation.

Location:  South Campus, Allied Health Multipurpose Room 3040

Thursday, June 15

Anthropology: Examining the Past, present, and Future

Dr. Katherine MacKinnon, Associate Professor Anthropology 

Anthropology is a social science that examines humanity in all its complexity. In this overview, we will explore the different subfields of the discipline, discuss ethics in the field, and chat about some notable recent discoveries that help build our narrative about what makes us human!    

Tuesday, June 27

Russia and Ukraine: A Tangled History

Dr. David Borgmeyer, Director of Research Development

Why is Russia invading Ukraine? This talk will help us understand the current conflict by exploring the history of the two countries, examining some pivotal moments in the years leading up to Russia’s invasion, and taking a brief look at their recent relationship.  

Thursday, June 29

Art for Overall Well-Being

Professor Amy Alton Bautz, Professor Fine and Performing Arts

Art brings meaning to our lives and enhances everyday experiences. Join Professor Amy Bautz for a lunchtime art class. Learn how to express yourself through art

Location:  North Campus, Xavier Hall, Room 122

Upcoming Noon Wellness Events

Thursday, June 1 

Emotional Wellness: How to Boost Your Self-Confidence

This webinar will outline why confidence is important and how to continue feeling strong and empowered. We will have an interactive, engaging conversation to help you feel more confident at work and at home.

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Tuesday, June 13

Raising Children with Disabilities: Keeping Your Child Safe in an Uncertain World 

Most parents realize the importance of discussing safety with their children, yet many don’t know where to begin. Tips on protecting children from abduction, abuse and school violence are presented.

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Wednesday, June 14

Financial Wellness: Preventing Identity Theft 

This webinar provides information on identity theft, including prevention and coping tips. We will discuss how it occurs, prevention, immediate steps for victims and helpful resources.

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Thursday, June 15

Succeed at Work: Diversity in the Workplace  

This webinar discusses strategies to prevent behaviors that interfere with the ability to work with different people. You will learn how perceptions, assumptions and biases develop and how they impact our responses.

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Wednesday, June 21

Caring for Aging Loved Ones: Forever Homes: Safety & Well-Home Modifications for Older Adults  

Research shows that 89% of older Americans prefer to stay living in their homes as long as possible. We’ll take a Peter Pan house (a home built for someone who is never going to age) and go room by room, showing you how to make your home or your loved one’s home safe, healing spaces for a lifetime.

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Wednesday, June 28

Confident Parenting: Internet Information for Parents 

This webinar will review the language, identify concerns and risks, teach strategies to increase safety online, discuss instant messaging, texting, social networking, and chat rooms and identify resources and monitoring software.

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Thursday, June 22

Your Healthy Lifestyle: Healthy Meal Planning 

Learn how to feed your family healthy foods on a budget, identify healthy foods, and incorporate them into your meals. We will discuss portion control and how to read and understand food labels.

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