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Emotional, Social and Spiritual Well-being Resources for SLU Employees

Develop Healthy Habits to Lower Stress and Improve Work-life Balance

A woman gets a massage at an employee health fair

Emotional wellness is the process of recognizing, understanding and accepting your emotions. It involves managing life's challenges, building nurturing and supportive relationships and fostering genuine connections with those around you.

Some tips to encourage emotional wellness include: 

  • Use mindfulness and other healthy ways to lower stress
  • Develop a healthy work-life balance
  • Participate in social events that create community

Supporting Emotional Well-being

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Saint Louis University Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a feature of the employee health package that provides access to professional counseling on a confidential basis. In addition, EAP services include training supervisors on how to refer employees if the need arises.

Confidential professional counseling is provided through ComPsych at no cost to staff and their families who are coping with a personal or family crisis.

Call 800-859-9319 to make an appointment or visit for more information. To register online, please use the Company ID "slueap"  and create your username and password. 

Mindfulness Classes

Noon on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Virtual classes on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 962 6979 8657  Password: Mindful!

Weekly mindfulness sessions are intended to help faculty and staff develop ways of finding joy and maintaining balance amid the “ups and downs” of life. The program consists of 30-minute weekly sessions hosted at noon.

The first five minutes are for settling in and centering; the next 15 minutes are for talking about an informal mindfulness topic such as “Dealing with Troublesome Emotions” or “Creating a Pause Between a Triggering Event and our Response to that Event.” The final 10 minutes are mostly silent meditation. 

The Mindfulness Program is led by Professor of Practice David Lander. Professor Lander has been connected with the school for many years. He helped start the Legal Clinics program, taught full time for two years and has served as an adjunct 20 times, teaching such courses as bankruptcy law, commercial law, consumer law and secured transactions. He has had a personal meditation practice for 15 years and has taken courses in mindfulness teaching from In July 2015, he retired from a successful business bankruptcy private practice of law.

For more information, contact Professor David Lander at or 314-750-7773.

Mental Health First Aid 

Mental Health First Aid is a skills-based training course that teaches participants about mental health and substance-use challenges. Each training requires two hours of online pre-work before the in-person or Zoom training. Participants will be set up in MHFA Connect well before the training day.

Mental Health First Aid Registration

For more information, contact Tori Harwood.

Live Well

Aging and Adult Care: Caregiver Burnout: Mental and Emotional Health Help at noon Wednesday, May 15

May is National Mental Health Month and surveys show caregivers experience more burnout and stress than the general population. This session touches upon the challenges to mental and emotional health and how to find more happiness, joy, and balance in life.

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Succeed at Work: Managing Strong Emotions at noon Thursday, May 16

Strong emotions are inevitable. This webinar goes beyond identifying emotions to help us manage and control ourselves when all of our buttons have been pushed. We need real strategies to enable us to say and do the right thing. We will share state-of-the-art techniques that will ensure you will keep your cool.

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Raising Resilient Kids: Children’s Mental Health in Today’s World at 11 a.m. Wednesday, May 22

In today’s post-pandemic world, prioritizing children's mental well-being is paramount. Join expert Bob Franks, president and CEO of The Baker Center and faculty member at Harvard Medical School, for Raising Resilient Kids: Children’s Mental Health in Today’s World. From nurturing emotional intelligence to promoting healthy coping mechanisms, we'll explore practical ways to raise mentally strong and emotionally resilient kids. Plus, we'll provide insights into recognizing signs that our children may be struggling with their mental health and offer guidance on seeking appropriate help and resources.

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Child Care and Parenting: Summer Care and Camp Options at noon Wednesday, May 22

Identifying quality summer care for children requires information to discern the best option. This seminar will help you assess your summer care needs, review summer care costs and give an overview of summer options for children and teens.

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How to Build Better Relationships through Positive Psychology at 11 a.m. Thursday, May 23

Establishing good interpersonal relationships at work significantly impacts job satisfaction and the enjoyment people experience at work. This session will focus on effective positive psychology practices that help colleagues connect and can also extend past work and help establish and strengthen positive relationships between family members and friends. Loneliness concerns everyone, from parents of disconnected teenagers, a colleague who has just relocated to a new town, to a neurodivergent employee who feels alone at work to the Surgeon General of the United States with his report Our Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation: The U.S. Surgeon General’s Advisory on the Healing Effects of Social Connection and Community. Join us to learn about and apply effective practices to promote connection.

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Supporting Spiritual Well-being

Connecting to Something Greater Than Yourself

Spiritual wellness is focused on a connection to something greater than yourself. It can provide you with a set of values, morals and beliefs to help guide your actions, forming habits that give you a sense of purpose and meaning. Steps to help with spiritual well-being include: 

  • Check in with your spiritual wellness
  • Reflect on your actions
  • Cultivate peace
  • Show compassion
  • Practice tolerance

Spiritual Wellness Resources and Events

Department of Mission and Identity

Employee Well-Being partners with the Saint Louis University Department of Mission and Identity.

Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus, sought and saw God in all things and believed himself called to be a co-laborer with God. His vision of the world lies at the heart of the Jesuit method of teaching, research and service in place at Saint Louis University.

Saint Louis University’s Division for Mission and Identity invites you to discover what it means to work at a Jesuit university and the difference it makes to your profession and field of study.

Mission and Identity Programming

Mission Matters Podcast

The Mission Matters podcast is a weekly spotlight on a person, initiative or program at SLU that incarnates the Jesuit mission of the University. Hosted by Virginia Herbers, director of mission formation, each episode begins with a brief reflection, setting the stage for a member of the SLU community to give us a glimpse into how the mission is alive.

Listen to Mission Matters Now