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Tax Information

Every foreign national is required to file taxes the year after you were in the United States, whether or not you earned any income.

Saint Louis University’s Office of International Services is not allowed to provide assistance or advice regarding filing taxes, but we do have an online tax preparation software that you may use.

The deadline for filing most tax forms is April 15.

If You Did Not Have Any Income

If you did not receive any income, you still need to report this through a Form 8843. You can do this by using an online tax preparation software provided by the Office of International Services.

If You Did Have Income

Federal Income Tax Return Information

If you received a paycheck, you probably had money withheld for taxes. That is an estimated amount of owed taxes; filing taxes determines if you paid too much or too little from each paycheck. Many students are eligible to have some money returned to them.

You’ll need to obtain a W-2 from your employer. Forms are mailed or sent electronically in mid- to late-January. You may also receive a 1042-S, which usually comes in mid- to late-February. You can contact your employer (or the payroll office if you worked on campus) with any questions.

After you receive your W-2 form or forms, you will need to file an income tax return. This is a statement of income and taxes already paid, which determines if you owe additional taxes or if you will receive a refund. The Office of International Services purchases an tax software program each year that will help you complete this process. Contact us, after you receive your W-2 forms, in late January or early February, and we will provide instructions on how to access and use this software. This software is available at no cost to students.

State Income Tax Return Information

In addition to taxes paid to the U.S. federal government, many states, including Missouri, also charge a state income tax. If you earned income in the previous year, you will also file a state tax return in April of the following year. If you live in the state of Missouri, the Missouri Department of Revenue has a step-by-step series of questions that can help you determine which form to file. It is best if you file your federal income tax return before beginning the state tax return. The tax software we provide can assist with this process, but there is a cost for completing the state income tax return.

Additional Resources

United States Internal Revenue Service
Missouri Department of Revenue

Hiring An Accountant

If you choose to hire an accountant, make sure he or she understands international taxation and non-resident taxes. Be certain to ask about tax treaties, NRA exemption and deductions on tax returns.

Missouri Society of Certified Public Accountants

Missouri Society of Accountants