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Studying at Saint Louis University

Admitted International Students

Welcome to Saint Louis University. Let us be the first to congratulate you. You're on your way to becoming a Billiken! There are a few steps to take to confirm your enrollment.

SLU Fair

Students at SLU Fair encourage other students to get involved with K:ODE, a student club dedicated to K-pop.

You can download SLU’s International Student Handbook in English or Chinese.

Before you take the next step, you will need your SLU Net ID and your Banner ID, which was included with your email admission notification after being admitted to SLU. 

After You're Admitted — Next Steps

1. Change your password and log into the MySLU portal.

The mySLU portal serves as a comprehensive online resource for admitted students. As a new Billiken, you can use mySLU to submit your enrollment deposit and your housing contract. You can also view a calendar of important due dates, register to attend events exclusively for admitted students and find more information about the other programs mentioned in this packet.

Check out these step-by-step videos

Activate your SLU Net ID and password

You can access mySLU using your personalized SLU Net ID and temporary password; both can be found in the email sent with your admission decision. To activate your SLU Net ID, however, you must create a new password:

  • Go to and enter your SLU Net ID and temporary password. Your temporary password consists of the letters “Id” followed by the last six digits of your Banner (student) identification number. Refer to the email sent with this packet to find your SLU Net ID and Banner ID.
  • Re-enter your temporary password and create a new one, then click Change Password.

To maintain the security of our students and their information, all SLU students are required to update their SLU Net password. Passwords expire every 180 days. If you have any questions, contact the ITS Service Desk at +1 314-977-4000 or

Set up your contact information
  • Go to and click Edit Contact Information.
  • Enter your SLU Net ID and password and click Submit.
  • Type your date of birth: mm/dd/yyyy as the initial PIN. For example, if your date of birth is January 5, 1997, enter 01/05/1997. Be sure to include the “/” between the numbers.
  • Type in your phone numbers. Include the country code and number. Include the plus sign (+) in front of the country code; for example, +34 #######. Provide at least two different numbers.
  • Click Update and Restart Login.

Once your contact information is updated, a confirmation email will be sent to your SLU email address.

Access and navigate the MySLU portal

Once you change your password, you will be ready to log into mySLU. Visit and add the page to your browser’s favorites. Then log in using your SLU Net ID and newly created password.

  • To receive important campus updates, simply view that information on your personalized mySLU home page.
  • To submit your enrollment deposit, click the Tools tab and choose the Payment Suite icon. Within the Payment Suite, click on the eDeposits tab and use the drop-down menu to choose the appropriate deposit. Note that the enrollment deposit is followed by the semester in which your enrollment will begin.
  • To submit your housing contract, click the Tools tab and choose the Student Housing icon. Be sure to select the housing contract that corresponds with the semester in which your enrollment will begin.

2. Send in required documents to the Office of International Services.

Required documents to obtain I-20 or DS-2019

1. A color copy of your passport.

2. A letter of financial support from the person(s) or sponsoring agency funding your study at Saint Louis University. Depending on your situation, this could be from you, your parents or a scholarship agency, among other options. A sample letter of support can be found here.

3. A letter from the sponsor's bank verifying that the funds are available and will be so for your duration of study at the University. The financial evidence must cover at least the amount needed for the first year, including any scholarships you may have received. 

4. Confirm the mailing address where you wish to receive these documents. 

Email to:

Once your documents have been verified you will received a confirmation email. You I-20 or DS-2019 will be processed within 7-10 business days and a FedEx tracking number will be mailed to you once the documents have been shipped.

If you are currently an F1 student enrolled at another university in the U.S., we ask that you complete this transfer form in addition to the above required documents.


3. Begin the visa application process.

Once you have submitted your financial documents, you will be mailed your official Certificate of Eligibility — also known as a Form I-20 — for an F-1 student visa or a Form DS-2019 for a J-1 exchange visitor visa. This form is required for a visa. After you've received that form you can begin the visa process.

4. Submit your enrollment deposit and housing contract.

Your $450 enrollment deposit secures your place for the upcoming semester and should be submitted once you have decided to attend SLU. The deposit can be fully refunded if you submit proof of visa denial.

Enrollment Deposit

Online: Go to, click the Tools tab and choose the Payment Suite icon. Within the Payment Suite, click on the eDeposits tab. The correct deposit choice is followed by the semester in which your enrollment will begin. Saint Louis University accepts American Express, MasterCard, Discover and Visa.

By Check: Please mail a check or money order for $450 for your enrollment deposit to the address below. Be sure to indicate your name and Banner ID number on the check.

Saint Louis University
Office of Admission
1 N. Grand Blvd.
DuBourg Hall, Room 149
St. Louis, MO 63103 USA

By Wire: International students can make payments using Flywire. Flywire accepts payments from any country, typically in your home currency. You can initiate payment at Flywire will keep you informed every step in the process, including when the funds have reached your student account.

Housing Contract

After submitting your enrollment deposit, you can complete your housing contract online by logging into Log in to your mySLU account using your SLU Net ID and password (refer to step 1). Click on Tools and select the Student Housing icon.

  • You must submit your enrollment deposit via in order to start your housing contract. You will receive access to the housing contract once your enrollment deposit has been received and processed. This usually takes 24-48 hours.
  • You should complete your housing contract as soon as possible in order to have the best chance at receiving your top preferences. Housing assignments are made based upon the date on which housing contracts are received. Once you have submitted your housing contract, you are able to edit it in order to change housing preferences as well as meal plan and roommate requests. Editing your housing contract does not change your original date of submission.
  • You can request a specific roommate. Only mutual roommate requests for other admitted SLU students will be considered. You and your requested roommate will need to provide one another’s Banner ID numbers on your respective housing contracts to make a roommate request. By utilizing a software called RoomSync, SLU assists students in finding their best roommate match. Students will receive communication about how to use RoomSync to find a roommate after May 15, 2020.
  • You must read and electronically sign the housing contract. You are bound by the contract once you agree to its terms. If you decide not to attend SLU, you must request cancellation by May 1, 2020, in order to be eligible for a refund of your $200 advance payment.


5. Send in additional required documents.

  • Your final transcript, showing successful completion of all remaining coursework. Incoming first-year students send in a final high school transcript with a graduate date and/or a copy of the graduation certificate. All documents must be accompanied by an English translation if necessary and sent to your International Admissions Counselor at
  • Your flight itinerary. SLU staff will provide transportation to campus from the airport during the designated pick-up dates. You must send your arrival details to the Office of International Services at, even if you will be arriving outside of those dates.
  • Your immunization record, health history and proof of basic health insurance. Students who do not have their own health insurance will enroll in the University’s health insurance plan. Associated charges will be applied to your account. Download the required health forms.
  • Submit your student ID photo online before arriving on campus. See instructions here.

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