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International Student Academic Advising

Enrollment Requirements

All international students at Saint Louis University are required to enroll in a full course load during the academic year, with only a few exceptions. The full course load requirement does not apply in the summer session.

Dropping below a full course load can only be authorized by the Office of International Services. International students at risk for dismissal must be referred to the office for immigration advising.

Learn More about What is Considered Full-Time Status

Changes to Major and Curriculum

The I-20 document is specific to an F1 student's major and degree program. If you change your major or degree program, you must notify the Office of International Services. To issue the new I-20, we will ask that your academic advisor confirm the new program by email or letter. If the change will delay graduation, the advisor's note or email should indicate the new date of graduation as well.

International Advising Support

Each international student is assigned an international adviser to collaborate with all other advisers in support of each student's personal wellness, immigration compliance and academic success. They are available to answer any of your questions. If you aren't sure who your advisor is, contact us

University Withdrawal

If you withdraw from the University as an international student, you have 15 days to leave the United States. Academic advisers and faculty are asked to contact our office if an international student has indicated that he or she is leaving, or has been excessively absent from classes.