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Workday Frequently Asked Questions

Find frequently asked questions about Saint Louis University's new Workday system here. 

What is Workday?

Workday is the leader in cloud-based, enterprise applications that combine a lower cost of ownership with an innovative approach for global businesses. Workday was selected based on functionality, usability and ability to meet Saint Louis University’s business requirements.

Have other higher education institutions implemented Workday?
Arizona State, Penn State, Iowa State, Cornell, Georgetown, Yale, Washington University in St. Louis and others have either implemented Workday or are in the process of implementing Workday.

What are some of the benefits of Workday?
  • Workday enables 24/7 access to information over a secure network, supporting SLU's goal to become an increasingly global campus.
  • Workday's SaaS/cloud delivery model allows services to reach customers with a minimal number of servers, reducing energy needs.
  • Workday functionality offers employee and manager self-service, enabling faculty, staff and student workers to update or access their information privately from any computer or mobile device with internet access.
When will the first payroll be processed in Workday?

For employees paid bi-weekly, the first paycheck processed in Workday will be January 3, 2020, however time entry for the pay period (12/15-12/28/19) will be submitted through Banner. The data will be extracted from Banner and moved to Workday for payroll processing.  January 17 will be the first payroll completely processed in Workday (for the pay period of 12/29/19-1/11/20). 

For employees paid monthly, January 31 will be the first paycheck processed in Workday.

How will I enter time if timeclocks are removed?

If timeclocks are removed, individuals previously using timeclocks will enter time through the clock in/clock out feature in Workday. Time entry can be performed on a University computer on campus or on VPN. A mobile device tied to a University IP address (physically on campus) can also be used. 

What if I am out of the office and not available to approve time for payroll?

Workday has a very simple process to allow people managers to delegate time approval tasks. The delegation can be for a single payroll or can be for all future payrolls. Also, when a manager position is vacant, Workday automatically assigns the time approval task to the next higher level of management until the vacant position is filled.

What happens when the time submission deadline is missed? How will time adjustments be handled?

Time correction will be made within Workday. Retro pay processes within Workday will handle pay corrections.

Will Benefit Open Enrollment occur in Workday this year?

Benefit Open Enrollment in 2019 will be processed in Banner. The enrollment dates will be moved to early October to accommodate the implementation dates for the Workday HCM module in December.

Will tuition remission and Fachex be processed in Workday?

Yes. Tuition remission and Fachex processes will be performed in Workday. Federal Work Study will also be processed in Workday. There may be some transitional time for the six months between the implementation of the HCM module and the Finance module. Student Financial Services is involved in the planning.

Will I still need to complete an EPAF to complete a staff or faculty job change?

No, EPAFs will be eliminated and replaced with Workday business processes that will complete compensation and job changes in the system.

How will I get reports I currently access in WebFocus or Cognos?

The goal is to have all reporting requested in Workday. Cognos and Webfocus reports will be eliminated. Workday has numerous standardized reports providing easy access to real-time data that should meet most reporting needs. Managers will have access to run their own reports. Workday does have the option to create customized reports when needed.

How can I find open job positions on campus?

An internal job applicant site will be available in Workday. All open positions will be posted to the internal job site making it easier for current SLU employees to learn about and apply for other career development opportunities at the University.

When will the Workday Student module be implemented? 

The Workday Student module has been licensed for 2021. The current plan is to implement the Workday Student module during 2021 or 2022. Requirements for Student processes are being considered in the design decisions made for the Workday HCM and Finance module implementations.