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Promotions Guide

Visited by nearly 1,500 people on an average day during the academic year, the Busch Student Center is a major hub of activity for the entire SLU community and an ideal place to promote your event, organization or course offering. 

Busch Student Center

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a free service for University departments, student organizations and on-campus vendors only. Outside clients will not be accepted.

  • Create a Microsoft PowerPoint file promoting your event. Use the default size (on-screen show 4:3, 10 by 7.5 inches).
  • Keep your text brief and the fonts large and clean (san serif).
  • Submit your PowerPoint files to Please include "Digital Sign" in the subject line of your email.

While individual departments are responsible for creating and maintaining their own digital signage, they must ensure that the slides have a focus consistent with University brand guidelines for marketing and communication. Each department reserves the right to accept or refuse submissions. Please allow 48 hours for submissions to be posted. Digital signage administrators will not be responsible for layout and content.

Remember to also submit your news to Newslink.

BSC Directories

The Busch Student Center directories display building maps and offer a space to promote major events. Directories are located at the Grand and Ritter entrances of the Busch Student Center and on the third floor just outside of the Student Involvement Center. Promotional space on the directories can be used for major events that take place on the Saint Louis University campus and are available to the general SLU community only. No outside vendors or organizations will be considered.

The printing cost for each 25-inch wide by 42-inch tall poster is $62, or a total of $186 for all three directories. The preferred format to submit art for the BSC directories is a PDF with at least 300 DPI. File size should be at least 12 by 21 inches.

You are responsible for content, so please be sure to spell check your document. Space must be reserved and files submitted to David Young, building coordinator for Busch Student Center, at

Reservations are first come, first served. Please include "BSC Directories" in the subject line of your e-mail. If you have questions, please call David Young at 314-977-3402.


Posting is only allowed on bulletin boards that have not been reserved by another student organization.

Handbills or posters must never be stapled or taped to any painted surface such as walls, chairs, tables, stall doors, or anywhere other than an approved area.

Posters and Displays

Posters and fliers for the Busch Student Center must be posted by BSC staff and may not be larger than 11 by 17 inches. Posters that are placed in non-designated areas, are too large or do not have the Student Involvement Center stamp will be removed.

  • All posters must be approved and stamped by the Student Involvement Center in BSC room 319.
  • No poster may be displayed for more than two weeks without the approval of the Student Involvement Center.
  • No group may have more than one poster at a time on a bulletin board unless they are publicizing separate events.
  • Individuals or groups must be identified on the handbill or flyer and are solely responsible for their content.
  • To have a posting hung, leave a maximum of seven approved and stamped flyers at the BSC information desk. The staff will hang them as soon as possible.

Board Locations

  • Grand Market
  • Outside the Saint Louis University Barnes & Noble Bookstore
  • By the Ritter entrance
  • Across from Wool Ballrooms
  • Above the mailboxes


Any promotional material larger than 11 by 17 inches is considered a banner. Applications for banners are located at the BSC information desk and online.

Apply to Post a Banner

Policies and Procedures

  • All banners are approved on a first come, first served, space available basis.
  • Glitter or weights are not allowed.
  • You will be notified by email regarding the status of your request.
  • Approval for all banners is subject to appropriate content. If content changes dramatically after the approval, approval may be revoked.
  • An application must be received no later than 10 days prior to hang date.
  • Inside banners are placed above the tables at St. Louis Bread Company.
  • The largest allowable dimensions are 76 inches wide (6'4") x 76 inches high (6'4").
  • Recommended methods of hanging include zip ties, shower hooks/rings, fabric pieces or string.
  • Do not hang with glue, tape or staples.
  • You are responsible for hanging your own banner on the start date and removing it by the end date.
  • Banners must be removed on time or they will be destroyed.

Outside Banners

The outside wall facing Ritter Hall is reserved for University departments. Special permission is required to reserve this space. For more information concerning this space, contact David Young at

Any other request for an outside banner will be placed over the second floor east balcony facing the lecture halls.

Your banner must be received by Wednesday the week prior to being hung.

Outside banners will be removed the day after the reservation ends. It will need to be picked up within two days of removal or it will be destroyed.

Please direct questions and comments to