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Student Mail Services

Many Saint Louis University Student Mail Services services have recently changed to help our staff better service students and staff living on campus. 

A mailroom worker surrounded by packages hands a student (seen from the back) his mail

We offer campus mail and other mail services, including stamps, Priority mail, Priority Express mail and some other USPS services. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we require everyone who enters the mailroom to have an appointment, including for package pick-up and postage purchases.

Make an Appointment


If you have questions, call 314-977-1128 or email Please do not come in without an appointment. 

Package Pick-Up

Each package will be stored in one of two places: the back of the mailroom or the blue lockers on the first floor of the BSC. Students who receive packages will be sent an email with the specific location.

  • If Your Package is in the Mailroom: Your email will have a storage location and a link to make an appointment to pick up your package. You will be prompted to include your MSC (mailbox) number as well as the location included in the email you received. You will then come into the mailroom at the time you chose with a photo ID (SLU ID, driver’s license, passport, etc.) and a staff member will sign your package out to you. You will have 14 days to pick up your package from the mailroom.
  • If Your Package is in a Locker: Your email will state this, and you will be provided with a one-time code you will use to open the locker and retrieve your package. The screen on the locker system will walk you through the process. Because these packages can be picked up without appointments and during any hours the BSC is open, the pick-up window is shorter; you will have two days to pick up a package from a locker.

Letter Mail

Similar to a package arrival, you will receive an email that you have letter mail available for pick-up, as well as a link to make an appointment. Rather than using your key to retrieve mail from your box, our staff will retrieve your letter mail for you. This means that you will not have a key to keep track of. You will receive a notification when you have letter mail and can pick up both your letter mail and any packages you may have in the mailroom at one time.


SLU Student Mail Services accepts cash, credit/debit cards or Billiken Bucks as payment for stamps/postage. We are not able to accept flex, checks or Apple Pay. For pricing information on Flat Rate packages and Express rates, see the USPS website.


Packages stacked in the mailroom
Packages being sorted and ready for student pick-up at the SLU mail room during move-in week.

Most carriers deliver directly to us. UPS, FedEx, DHL and other deliveries are received at various times during the day; there is no set time for you to check on a delivery, but we always check in everything the day that we receive it.

USPS packages will usually take an extra weekday or so after it says "Delivered" to reach our mailroom. "Delivered" in this case means it is at a full service post office in St. Louis; after that it is brought to us usually either that morning or the next weekday. Therefore packages confirmed as delivered on Friday through Sunday will take up to two business days to be delivered to Student Mail Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should mail be addressed to come to my on-campus mailbox?

If you have a mailbox on campus, any mail you receive should be addressed as follows:

First and Last Name (as listed on Banner; no nicknames, middle names, etc!)
MSC #____
20 N Grand Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63103

  • All mail should include all of this information! This means mail should not be addressed without both your name and  your MSC (mailbox) number. Mail should not be addressed to your residence hall address or to 1 N Grand Blvd.
  • Our system pulls from Banner, thus we work from those names, so please do not use nicknames. Please use your full legal name (first and last). Your MSC number is your mailbox number, which you can find on Banner under your personal information. It is very important that all mail is addressed correctly. Incorrect addresses slow down/interfere with our processes, confuse carriers, and will cause you to wait longer to receive your mail.
  • If you have subscriptions that have an incomplete address, please take the time to update them. Please inform your family and friends of your correct address as well.
My package says it is delivered, but I haven't received an email yet. Where is it? When will I get an e-mail?

It is our policy to check in every package the day that we receive it, even if it means staying after our open hours to finish. During our very busiest times, we may fall half a day behind.

Note: Due to extra processing, USPS packages usually take an extra weekday or so after it is reported "Delivered" to reach the SLU mailroom. "Delivered" means it is at a full service post office in St. Louis and will be brought to us either that morning or the next weekday. USPS is the only carrier that goes through these extra processes, so we recommend having anything time-sensitive or perishable sent through another carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc), as they deliver directly to our mailroom.

If it's been a couple of days, and you still haven't received an e-mail, you are always welcome to e-mail us the package's tracking number and we will be happy to look further into it for you.

While we do check in everything the day that we receive it, with the current appointment system, we cannot guarantee an appointment will be available the day you receive your notification. Please keep this in mind when having packages sent to Student Mail Services.

My mail was addressed incorrectly. What will happen to it?

Any piece of mail that is missing information or has incorrect information will be processed separately, so it may take a bit longer for you to receive it. We will always do our best to get every piece of mail to the correct recipient. Confirming that your mail includes all the correct information will help ensure that all of your mail is delivered to you as quickly and accurately as possible.

I have a pre-paid label for a package I want have sent out. Can I drop that off at the mailroom on campus?

If you have a USPS pre-paid package to send out, please make an appointment to drop it off at Student Mail Services in Appointy

If your pre-paid package is through another carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc), we ask that you bring it to a store that is able to scan it (a UPS store, a FedEx drop-off, etc.). There is a FedEx drop-off location on the first floor of DuBourg Hall.

Can someone else pick up my package for me?
Yes. Email with the name of the person you are allowing to pick up your package. That person will need to bring their own photo ID when they come. Either one of you may make the appointment under your (the package recipient's) name. 
I live off campus; can I use an on-campus mailbox?

At this time we do not have the capacity to continue our mailbox rental policy for off-campus students. Please have any mail sent to the address where you are residing or to a nearby off-campus USPS P.O. box.

In order to close your mailbox, please visit Student Mail Services. Our on-campus address is not able to be listed in change of address forms, so you will need to change your addresses on your online accounts individually. You are welcome to leave a forwarding address with us, and we can forward any important letter mail you may receive here for up to six months. We do not offer free forwarding for packages, so please ensure all packages you order are addressed correctly.

More Information About Appointments

At this time, everyone who enters the mailroom must have an appointment. You can make an appointment for shipping/buying postage and also for package pick-up and/or letter mail pick-up. 

  • When making your appointment for package pick-up, fill out the MSC and location in the e-mail notification you received from us.
  • We ask that you please wait until after you have received a notification from us that your package has arrived before you make an appointment. If you are expecting multiple packages, please try and wait until you've received all the notifications you're expecting for that day so that you are able to list all of your package locations in the note of your appointment booking.
  • Our system does not allow for you to make more than one appointment per day, so please pick up all of your packages within the same appointment and list all of the package locations in the "package location(s)" line.
  • If you make an appointment, please show up for the appointment within the 10-minute time frame you choose, not before or after. We queue up packages for pick-up ahead of time, so if you do not show up, we will have to spend extra time putting them back.
  • If you make an appointment and then realize you can't make it, please cancel the appointment so someone else may have the opportunity to choose that appointment slot.
  • Please also note that our system does not allow for appointments to be canceled/rescheduled at the last minute or after the appointment has passed. In these cases, you will have to start again with a new appointment.