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The Saint Louis University fraternity and sorority life community is distributed across three councils.  The Panhellenic Council (sorority), Interfraternity Council (fraternity) and Multi-cultural Greek Council (cultural identity based) each have a unique path to membership.

Saint Louis University Panhellenic Council is happy to announce the 2021 Fall Formal Recruitment will be a hybrid recruitment experience. Please note this plan is subject to modifications from local guidance if need be. We also have a virtual contingency plan in place if a switch to virtual recruitment is necessary. It is our utmost desire to provide a safe and enjoyable recruitment experience for everyone! Registration for fall 2021 recruitment opens May 1 and closes September 5. The cost is $30.

Panhellenic Recruitment Registration

View the Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment Guidebook

Panhellenic Recruitment

Panhellenic Recruitment Schedule
August 31 Panhellenic Meet and Greet (optional)
September 7 PNM Orientation (required)
September 9 Rotationals - Virtual Zoom Parties
September 10 Rotationals - Virtual Zoom Parties
September 11 Philanthropy - In-person
September 12 Preference - In-person
September 13 Bid Day - In-person

Contact with any questions!

IFC Fraternity Recruitment

IFC Fraternity recruitment registration opens on May 1, 2021 and will be open until September 15, 2021. If you have any questions, please reach out to the IFC VP for Recruitment, Tom Beatty, at or the IFC Advisor, Sydney Papadopoulos, at

Register for Fraternity Recruitment

View the Interfraternity Council Recruitment Guidebook

View the Interfraternity Council PNM Booklet

Dates for Fall Recruitment
Date TBD Summer SLU Fair (Q & A Session)
Sunday Sept. 5 Meet and Greet
Sept. 6
Brothers & BBQ
Sept. 8
Open events start
Sept. 15
Open events close
Sept. 16
Closed events begin
 Sept. 22
Bid extension
Sept. 23
Bid acceptance turn-in

Multicultural Greek Organization Recruitment

Students interested in joining MGC organizations can join through a process known as membership intake. The intake process for each chapter is defined by their international/national organization, and dates are set by the individual organization. Prior to the membership process, organizations host a rush or an informational, where students have the opportunity to express interest in a specific organization. After receiving an invitation for membership, students may begin the membership process.

For additional information, contact

Changes to Recruitment Due to COVID-19

Human connection is necessary more than ever and joining a fraternal organization is an excellent way to achieve that goal. Fraternities and sororities are an enriching part of the collegiate experience–regardless of how that experience is delivered: in person, virtually or a combination of the two.

In 2020-21, the recruitment experience will most likely look different than in years past. While we hope for the traditional recruitment model, social distancing restrictions from state and local authorities and University may effect our ability to provide the traditional in-person recruitment experience. As decisions are made, each council, with guidance from University staff, will adapt to the new limitations while still providing the opportunity to join an organization that can make the transition to college and through this pandemic easier.

Any changes to recruitment will be communicated via email to those that register for recruitment and will be updated on this website regularly.