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Space Reimagined: A Storage Solution for SLU Families

Space, the innovative storage solution, has arrived at Saint Louis University with a special SLU student discount. This service, in partnership with UPS, takes the hassle out of storing, shipping, and receiving your belongings, so you never have to use a storage unit again.

Let’s face it: we all have stuff, but most of us don’t have enough room for everything we need (and love).

The Space Solution

Young woman packing dishes into a storage box

Space offers a seamless storage experience that eliminates the complexities of traditional self-storage. You can store your belongings in boxes, which are conveniently shipped free to your doorstep, along with a vacuum-seal bag, packing paper and tape. These boxes, equivalent to the size of a medium moving box, are made of heavy-duty, double-walled cardboard and measure 24x18x14”. They include tape, return labels, a vacuum bag and paper. These durable and versatile boxes can accommodate anything from seasonal clothes to dorm room essentials and more, making them the perfect storage solution for students on the move.

Affordable and Student-Friendly

The best part? Space is affordable. For just $10 per box per month, students can declutter their living spaces. Additionally, flat-rate shipping is available at only $20 for packages weighing up to 50 pounds — nationwide.And SLU students can enjoy a 20% discount for their first few months on Space. They have made storage convenient and cost-effective, offering students an excellent solution that won't break the bank.

A Trusted Solution

Dachshund in a cardboard box with text showing that storing a box costs 33 cents a day

Space is all about security, and we have a trusted partner in UPS, which ships over 25 million packages daily. Not only will your items be handled with care, but they are kept safe in climate-controlled facilities owned and operated by UPS. This level of security will give you peace of mind as you focus on your studies.

Democratizing Storage

Space is committed to making storage accessible for anyone and everyone. Just as you conveniently order food or transportation, why shouldn’t you be able to have your things on demand? They understand that students want what they want when they want (or need) it, and they want it at a compelling price. Space delivers on all these fronts, making it more than just storage; it's an amenity that improves your day-to-day life.

Storage for All Seasons

Student life is inherently cyclical, and you need to be able to store a variety of items at different times. Space is perfect for a range of things, from dorm essentials, seasonal clothes, or sports equipment during the off-season, to your linens, towels and small electronics over the summer. No need to haul them back and forth. Space provides a solution that fits your schedule.

Make Your Life Easier

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional self-storage and embrace the future right here at SLU. With this special 20% discount, Space offers an unbeatable opportunity to declutter your living space, simplify your life, and save money in the process. Visit Space to discover how Space can transform your SLU experience. This service's convenience, affordability, and simplicity are here to make your student life easier. Don't miss out on this offer – your student storage solution has arrived.

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