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Student Guidance on Remote Proctoring

Saint Louis University instructors may administer an exam with remote proctoring. If you are a SLU student, and your instructor has informed you that you will be taking remotely-proctored exams, please consider taking the following recommended steps to be sure you can successfully navigate the exam with remote proctoring:

  1. Determine if you have access to all of the hardware and software required to take the remote exam using the proctoring system. If you do not, find out if you can reserve a loaner device from the University libraries.
  2. Test your internet connection prior to the exam.
  3. Make sure that all of your equipment works properly prior to the exam. Some programs offer online equipment testing.
  4. Ensure that your computer is fully charged.
  5. Have your identification (ID) available. Check with your instructor or syllabus ahead of time to determine what constitutes an acceptable ID.
  6. You may have your cell phone available for support should you need to contact your instructor or technical support, but the phone should be off and out of view at all other times.
  7. Review the privacy policies for the remote proctoring tool (they should be provided by your instructor), and discuss any concerns with your instructor.
  8. Review the allowed items for the exam, such as scratch paper, notes, watches, books, etc.
  9. Take a practice exam, if allowed by your instructor.
  10. Determine where you will take the exam ahead of time. Find a quiet location without distractions. If this is not possible in your home environment, consider testing in a private room at a local library, if possible.
  11. Contact your instructor immediately after taking an exam if you believe you had any inadvertent incidents that may raise concerns over the academic integrity of your exam.