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Division Employee Resources

The Division of Student Development at Saint Louis University embraces staff members with a variety of diverse experiences and perspectives, designed to help sharpen their skills and deepen their commitment to engaging students in their holistic development. 

Staff Recognition

The Division of Student Development annually rewards staff who have made outstanding contributions or advanced divisional initiatives that have significantly affected student life and whose work is recognized across departments.

Winners of the 2023 Student Development Staff Excellence Awards

Winners of the 2023 Student Development Staff Excellence Awards

Rising Star Award

Recognizes a new employee with less than three years of continuous service in our division. The individual has innovative ideas and has made significant contributions throughout the year. They positively impact their fellow staff, incorporate the values of their department/division/SLU into their work with students, exercise thoughtful and sound decision-making, promote a culture of collaboration, and are a self-starter.

Leadership Award

Recognizes an individual who promotes the division and University mission; makes a commitment to the greater good by encouraging others to aim high and to seek greatness; demonstrates fairness and equity in resolving work-related issues; advocates for the needs of their team and for others across the division; fosters a positive and inspiring work environment; maintains open communication and collaboration within the department and throughout SLU; values humility over popularity; and leads with compassion, discernment and vulnerability.

Team Spirit Award

Recognizes an individual who demonstrates a passionate and positive commitment to student learning and development; demonstrates exceptional ability to foster collaboration, communication, and cooperation among colleagues. This individual takes the required actions to encourage and support innovative work that enhances the student experience.

Unsung Hero Award

Recognizes an individual who has taken the initiative or gone the extra mile to contribute to student success through their outstanding contributions at work. Going the extra mile is evident in timeliness, follow-through, willingness to help other employees, taking on additional assignments, and seeking any opportunity to contribute. This individual works quietly, unobtrusively, and diligently to provide the highest level of customer service with creativity, dedication, cooperation and reliability, without seeking recognition.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award

Recognizes an individual committed to nurturing and developing an understanding of social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion; is passionately aware of the needs of under-served, under-represented communities. Nominees are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment in their work and in the service of the division and SLU. This person works across boundaries to provide services that advance understanding and reverence of differences across campus.

Academic Collaboration and Retention Award

Recognizes an individual who has demonstrated the ability to build strong academic partnerships that promote student learning and enhance retention efforts. This individual initiates communication and relationship building with faculty, communicates effectively with various stakeholders, engages with opportunities for instruction within the CORE, and strategically aligns opportunities in their work to impact students’ academic success and retention. This individual’s work focuses on holistic student learning and an understanding of the interconnectedness of in-class and out-of-class learning experiences.

Campus Partner Award

Recognizes an individual faculty or staff member who is not a member of the Division of Student Development but who clearly and consistently supports the division's work. This person works collaboratively to support student learning and success, demonstrating a commitment to our values central to the Division of Student Development and our work with students.

Student Development Longevity Service Award

Nominees have served in student development for at least four years (not including graduate assistantships) and advance the principles of student development, student learning, and the academic imperative of the institution. This person has made significant, specific contributions throughout their service at SLU and has demonstrated a long-term commitment and support to the Jesuit values of the campus and the profession.

Innovation and Wellness Award

The recipient of this award has demonstrated a commitment to developing an integrated and holistic approach to student wellness by focusing on healthy minds, bodies, and spirit. Nominees for this award have intentionally worked across the SLU campus to support and maintain systems that help students thrive and flourish, develop healthy living and resiliency, and cultivate environments that facilitate an overall culture of wellness and well-being. The recipient of this award has also been committed to meeting the needs of a diverse student population, including under-represented communities, non-traditional undergraduate graduate students, and professional students.

Recipients of this award can be individual staff members, a campus program or initiative, or a department of a collective group of staff members.

Outstanding Campus Program

Student development staff create and facilitate programs and services to help meet students’ emerging needs and resolve campus conditions that impede the educational process. The development of such programs is a creative process that requires a multiplicity of skills and talents. Good programs or initiatives are often shared among campuses, and specific programs or initiatives stand out from others for their creativity, focus, adaptability to different campus environments, and proven effectiveness.

Outstanding Student Development Graduate Assistant Award

The Outstanding Student Development Graduate Assistant Award is conferred on individuals who have distinguished themselves in the early years of service in their careers. A graduate student is a person with two years or less service in Jesuit student affairs work and is enrolled in a graduate program. Recipients bring a strong sense of leadership to their positions, demonstrate a high level of skill and ability, and have shown an early record of success that stands above the norm. Established in spring 2023, this award is given annually to a graduate student demonstrating a strong commitment to Jesuit Student Affairs.