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Division Employee Resources

The Division of Student Development at Saint Louis University embraces staff members with a variety of diverse experiences and perspectives, designed to help sharpen their skills and deepen their commitment to engaging students in their holistic development. 

Staff Recognition

The Division of Student Development annually awards staff who have made outstanding contributions or advanced divisional initiatives that have significantly affected student life and whose work is recognized across departments.

Winners of the 2017 Student Development Staff Recognition Awards

Winners of the 2017 Student Development Staff Recognition Awards

Billiken Spirit Award

Recognizes an individual who creates opportunities for students to fully engage in the ideals of what it means to "Be a Billiken". This individual fully supports the mission of Athletics, and integrates these areas in their work with students: education, competition, and build community. This commitment is exhibited through establishing consistent and creative opportunities for students to engage and reflect; making the most of their SLU experience.

Collaborative Partner Award

This new excellence award recognizes a faculty or staff member who is not a member of the Division of Student Development, but consistently supports the work of the Division that contributes to student success and student learning.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion Award

Recognizes an individual who is committed to nurturing and developing student understanding of diversity and social justice issues. Individual is passionately attentive to the needs of diverse persons. Nominees are committed to fostering diversity through initiatives, student mentoring, and the creation and implementation of innovative programs and services that advance diversity and inclusion across campus. Individual's work improves the campus climate by creating programs that increase students' understanding of diverse persons making sure students have the multicultural competencies to be successful in life.

Community Connections Award
Recognizes an individual who is personally and/or professionally committed to volunteer leadership in the community, and actively builds relationships and collaborative opportunities with individuals and/or agencies in the St. Louis community in support of mission-related goals. The individual's work in the community demonstrates a significant impact on persons in the community or the role and/or purpose of a community agency or organization. 
Faculty Collaboration Award
Recognizes an individual who has demonstrated the ability to build strong academic partnerships that promote student learning. This individual initiates communication and relationship-building with faculty, communicates effectively with a variety of stakeholders, and strategically aligns collaboration opportunities in her or his work. Individual's work represents a focus on holistic student learning and an understanding of the interconnectedness of in-class and out-of-class experiences.
Innovation and Excellence in Assessment Award
 Recognizes an individual who has demonstrated a commitment to utilizing assessment to understand program/service impact and/or student learning. This individual is thoughtful and reflective in developing and/or leading assessment initiatives that are designed to measure specific goals and outcomes, and in analyzing, disseminating and utilizing results for decision-making and future planning.
Innovation Grant Challenge
A grant opportunity within the Division of Student Development launched in July 2013 seeking innovative (new or redefined) projects that will promote student learning or student success for Saint Louis University students. Special attention to innovative efforts that enabled students to have transformational educational experiences with particular emphasis on high impact practices and/or high quality assessment was the primary focus.
Leadership Award
Recognizes an individual who promotes Divisional and University missions, goals, and values through actions and job performance; demonstrates exceptional leadership ability; fosters a positive and motivating work environment; maintains open communication lines within the department and throughout SLU; encourages professional development; demonstrates fairness and equity in resolving employee and work-related issues; and remains receptive to constructive feedback concerning his or her own job performance.
Rising Star Award
Nominee must be a new employee with less than (3) three years of continuous service with the division. The individual has innovative ideas and has made significant contributions throughout the year to his or her area, or to the University community. They have a demonstrated record of improvement; have progressed through cooperation, initiative; and are self-starters with a take-charge attitude. This talented employee volunteers to assist when and where needed.
Team Spirit Award
Nominee must demonstrate a passion and commitment to student learning and development; have demonstrated exceptional ability to foster collaboration, communication, and cooperation among colleagues internal and/or external to their department and/or the division. This individual takes the required actions to encourage and support innovative and collaborative work that enhances the student experience.
Unsung Hero Award
Recognizes an individual who has taken the initiative and/or gone the extra mile to contribute to the success of SLU through his or her outstanding contributions at work. Going the extra miles is evident in their timeliness, and follow-through, willingness to help fellow employees, take on additional assignments, and seek any opportunity to contribute. This individual works quietly, unobtrusively, and diligently to provide the highest level of customer service with creativity, dedication, cooperation and reliability. Nominee has performed at a level above and beyond normal job requirements that have resulted in furthering the department's and division's goals and mission.