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Reporting a Crime

Saint Louis University encourages anyone who is a victim of or witness to a crime, hazardous condition or other emergency to promptly contact the Department of Public Safety or the St. Louis Metropolitan Police.

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Report a Crime

  • Call DPS: 314­-977-­3000 or 1-­877-­525-­5669
  • Visit the Wool Center, Room 114
  • At other locations under local police authority, call 911.

Emergency phones that will connect you directly to DPS are located around campus on parking lots, in garages and along walkways. Your assistance allows SLU to provide timely campus safety notifications and accurate annual crime statistics.

Sexual Assault

Saint Louis University does not tolerate sexual assault in any form and strongly urges students to report such crimes. If you are a victim of sexual assault, your wishes will guide how the incident is handled. (See the Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy.)

The following individuals or entities across campus have been designated to receive reports of sexual assault:

It is important to preserve evidence of a sexual assault, which can be gathered by trained professionals at a hospital using a rape kit within 96 hours. Do not shower or bathe, douche or change clothing before undergoing a medical exam or rape kit procedure. Do not smoke. Do not drink liquids or use the restroom before going to the hospital. Do not clean or disturb the physical area in which the assault occurred

Counseling, mental health and other services are available to victims of sexual assault though SLU’s University Counseling Center at 314­-977­-TALK. For assistance off campus, 24 hours a day, contact ALIVE STL at 314­-993-­2777  or the Crime Victim Advocacy Center at 314­-652-­3623.

Missing Persons

If you believe a student who resides in on-­campus residential housing is missing, immediately notify the Department of Public Safety at 314­-977-­3000. DPS will notify the St. Louis Metropolitan Police within 24 hours of the determination that a student is missing.

In addition to registering a general emergency contact, SLU students are expected to identify a confidential emergency contact who can confirm that they are truly missing or if they simply don’t wish to be reached. This information can only be accessed by authorized University personnel and law enforcement officials in the course of a missing persons investigation.

Confidential emergency contacts are registered via the Saint Louis University Banner Information System.

Residential students must also list this person on their emergency data card as part of the residence hall check-­in process.

If a student designated a confidential emergency contact person, the Office of the Dean of Students will notify them no later than 24 hours after it has been officially determined that another student is missing. If the residential student is determined to be under the age of 18, and not an emancipated individual, the Office of the Dean of Students will also contact the residential student's parents or guardian.

Campus Safety Tips

Safety begins with you, so SLU's Department of Public Safety offers these suggestions:

  • Be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to suspicious­-looking persons or activities.
  • Return to a safe place if something doesn't look right.
  • Park your vehicle in SLU parking lots or garages. If you must park off campus, choose a well-­lit and populated area. Look in and around your car before entering it.
  • Walk with other people — especially at night or in an unfamiliar area.
  • If you are involved in a crime, try to get a good description of the people and any vehicle involved, including a license plate number, if possible.
  • Use the SLU RIDE program. Call 314­-977-­7433 (977­-RIDE).
  • Keep emergency numbers in your phone. Immediately report any crime or suspicious activity to DPS at 314­-977-­3000.