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For Academic Units

In addition to serving individuals, the Reinert Center also serves academic departments, programs, schools, and colleges. We do this through consultations with unit leadership (e.g., deans, chairs) and through invited workshops tailored to the needs of the unit. Occasionally, Reinert Center staff also may be invited to serve on department- or college-level committees and task forces, when our particular expertise may be helpful.

Deans, chairs, and directors may seek confidential consultations with Reinert Center staff, when they need a neutral sounding board for matters related to teaching, course/curriculum design, and other related topics. They also may invite the Reinert Center to lead sessions designed specifically for their faculty or graduate students, including workshops, facilitated conversations, and academic retreats. Reinert Center facilitators can share expertise and provide neutral facilitation on a range of topics in keeping with our mission.

Sample topics for departmental consultations and workshops include (but are not limited to):

  • Assessing and documenting teaching effectiveness
  • Understanding and integrating the concepts of Ignatian pedagogy
  • Teaching with technology in intentional, effective ways
  • (Re)Designing learning-focused courses and programs
  • (Re)Designing learning spaces for effective faculty and student engagement
  • Mapping and aligning curricular goals and teaching/assessment strategies
  • Designing effective assignments (including writing and reflection assignments
  • (Re)Designing traditional courses and programs for distance delivery
  • Creating inclusive learning environments for all students (including those with disabilities, learning differences, generational differences, and national/cultural differences)
  • Managing classroom dynamics (including diversity in the classroom, academic honesty issues, and classroom civility)
  • Understanding how learning works and evidence-based approaches to facilitating learning
  • Developing high-impact educational practices inside and outside the classroom
    Preparing doctoral students for effective teaching careers

Customized workshops typically are planned in collaboration with the academic unit, often with faculty members co-facilitating to ensure sessions are grounded in the specific needs of the discipline/field. Such sessions are contingent upon the availability and expertise of Reinert Center staff.

To request customized sessions, email the Reinert Center at