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For the Madrid Campus

Faculty members and graduate instructors on SLU’s Madrid campus are eligible to seek support from the Reinert Center, though in a more limited way than faculty and graduate students in St. Louis, due to the constraints of distance. Whether faculty are new to teaching or have many years of experience, we can provide support in key areas of instruction, assessment, course design, technology integration, and more. Services to individuals are provided only at the instructor’s request and in accordance with our confidentiality policy. Services and programs generally are provided at no cost to individuals.


For Madrid instructors, the following core services are available upon request: one-on-one teaching consultations, instructional design and mentored online course-building collaborations, asynchronous Small Group Instructional Feedback sessions, formative feedback on video recordings of teaching, and formative feedback on course materials (e.g., syllabi, assignments, rubrics). These services can be offered virtually (i.e., through phone conversations or video conferences). To learn more about Reinert Center services, click here; other services also may be adaptable for virtual offering.


In general, most Reinert Center programs are offered on-ground on the St. Louis campus, which limits participation by Madrid instructors. However, it may be possible for Madrid instructors to participate in some elements of the Certificate Program, as well as to participate in the mini-grant program and in programming focused on online teaching. Additionally, Reinert Center staff may be able to provide virtual facilitation for some workshops and conversations for the Madrid campus, depending upon timing, topics, and available resources.


Finally, Madrid instructors also may find it useful to consult the many web-based resources provided by the Reinert Center. These include our weekly blog, The Notebook; our brief Resource Guides; and other online resources for key topics such as inclusive teaching, Ignatian pedagogy, and course design. We also provide free access for all SLU faculty members to the nationally-acclaimed Teaching Professor Newsletter. To see additional resources, click here

Reasons to Engage the Reinert Center

Madrid instructors across all disciplines and experience levels are welcome to seek support from the Reinert Center. Here are some common reasons Madrid instructors contact the Center:

  • Discuss student ratings of instruction (or other feedback on teaching)
  • Explore alternative methods of documenting teaching engagement and effectiveness
  • Collect formative student feedback in time to make adjustments in the current semester
  • Receive feedback on teaching philosophy statements and/or the teaching section of the academic dossier
  • Understand evidence-based practices for university-level teaching
  • Experiment with classroom and course innovations
  • Develop effective online versions of courses previously offered on-ground
  • Integrate technology into teaching with purpose and intention

To learn more about how the Reinert Center engages its work, including our views on voluntary participation and evaluation of teaching, please consult our Practices and Policies.

If you have questions about services and programs, or to learn more about how the Reinert Center may support you, please contact us by email at