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Cura in Action

A key to supporting a culture of collegiality on Saint Louis University's campus is taking the time to recognize the acts that help us to be the community that our mission calls us to be.

Watch the video to learn more about Cura in action at SLU.

At SLU, there are several University-wide opportunities to formally recognize your colleagues for their contributions:

SLU Sparks: Recognize Those Who Ignite Excellence

Even a single act can have a huge impact on us, and the people we serve. It may seem that these daily contributions go unnoticed, but they are the foundation of SLU's success.

Every member of the SLU community is encouraged to take a moment to acknowledge the contributions of our colleagues with a SLU Spark — a short note recognizing them.

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Recent SLU Sparks

Megan Shaffer Received a SLU Spark for Pursuing Excellence
"Megan has worked at SLU for years, but recently joined Career Services. She has truly hit the ground running. She is very open to feedback and extremely innovative with problem-solving. She has a very calm demeanor and she is always thinking of new ideas. Megan is extremely intelligent and an absolute joy to work with! I look forward to working with her in the years to come!"
Chantel Payne received a SLU Spark for Showing Compassion
"I received a call today from a patient's daughter. The woman told me her father was being seen at our new location. Once her Dad had been taken back, it became too painful for the daughter to sit in the chair. The woman was having a lot of discomfort, as she has a history of back issues. Chantel noticed the woman's discomfort and asked if she could do anything to help. The woman asked if it would be ok if she went to her car and waited for her Dad, and she would come back in at whatever time they told her. Chantel asked her where she was parked, and the woman stated she was in the parking garage. Chantel told her that would not be necessary, and she would bring her father to the car when he was done with the appointment. The daughter was most grateful as she said you don't find that kind of customer service anymore. Kudos to Chantel for showing kindness and compassion to a family member, and for noticing this woman's discomfort as she was waiting for her Dad. Thank you Chantel for all you do and the kindness you displayed."
Mike Martin received a SLU Spark for Serving Others
"Mike is a SLU IT superstar! He has repeatedly saved the day by providing answers to my many questions and by taking the time to investigate an issue until its resolution. He goes out of his way to help, and often the help is above and beyond the call of duty. Access to our eIRB system would not run as smoothly without Mike's dedication. Kudos and many many thanks for all your hard work, Mike!"

SLU Stars: Who in Your Midst Lives the Mission?

SLU Stars is a peer-to-peer award for SLU faculty and staff that recognizes colleagues who regularly go above and beyond for those with whom they interact with on a daily basis. Their commitment to the mission is not a singular event but a continuous story of the mission in action.

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