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Accounts and Academic Tools

ITS manages account access and academic tools that support students during their time at Saint Louis University.

We provide assistance with password resets, accessing your SLU account, setting up email on a personal device and general help navigating SLU's systems. We also help students navigate tools such as the mySLU portal, Banner Self-Service and Tegrity.

General Accounts FAQ

What is my SLU Net ID and default password?

Your SLU Net ID is the first part of your SLU email address before Your default password is provided by Admission or Enrollment.

How do I change my SLU Net password?

Visit and sign in with your default password. Make sure you create a unique password to help prevent someone from breaking into your account. Here are a few tips for creating your password and keeping it safe:

  • Never tell anyone your password.
  • Your password should be easy for you to remember without being easy for someone else to guess.
  • Never write down your password.
  • Change your password periodically.
  • Don't choose a dictionary word as your password. Be creative.
  • Include special characters such as punctuation marks, as well as a mix of capital and lowercase letters and numbers. A variety of characters makes it harder to guess a password.

If your password isn't working, contact the ITS Help Desk at 314-977-4000, or

Where do I go to access my email?

Visit or access your email through the Tools tab in

What is my email username and password?

Your email username is the first part of your SLU email address before the and your SLU Net password.

mySLU Portal is easy to use and easy to access. All you need is internet connectivity. The mySLU portal provides access to Google Apps, People Finder, Blackboard Learn, Banner Self-Service, student records, employee records and more.

To log into mySLU, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Click on Login
  • Enter your SLU Net ID and password
  • Click Login

If it's your first time logging into mySLU from a new web browser or if it has been several months since your last verification, you will need to go through the multi-factor authentication process and type in a new code.

Once you are logged into mySLU you have access to several systems via the tabs at the top. The following tabs are typically available:

  • Schedules
    • Click the drop-down list to select a semester's schedule. You must be registered for at least one class to have a semester schedule.
  • Grades
    • Click the drop-down list to select a semester's schedule. Grades will only be available after your instructors submit them.
  • Financial Aid Requirements
    • Any requirements or actions needed from the financial aid office will display in this pane.
  • Student and Personal Information
    • Quick links to all personal information, class information and other needed information is available on the left pane.
  • Department of Public Safety information
    • Quick links to update your current contact information for campus emergencies, such as campus closure due to inclement weather.
  • People Finder
    • A dynamic search engine of all individuals at SLU. As you type, results display automatically and narrow with additional criteria.
  • Banner Self-Service
    • Your window into data about you kept in the central campus information system.
  • Canvas
    • SLU's learning management system, which supports faculty and students.
  • Google Apps
    • Access to Google Drive, Chat and selected other Google services.
  • SendThisFile
    • Allows you to send and receive large files that might otherwise not be sent or received via email. It can be used to send files internally as well as to colleagues externally.
  • SLU Card eAccounts
    • An online tool from Parking and Card Services to manage Billiken Bucks and Flex Points.
  • Qualtrics Survey
    • An entirely web-based, next-generation survey tool available to all SLU faculty, staff and students.
  • SLU Groups
    • The student event site for Saint Louis University providing information about upcoming events, campus news, student organizations, jobs, internships, due dates and various other activities on or around campus.
  • Facilities Request
    • place an online work order through FM:Interact Integrated Workplace Management System.
  • ITS Service Request
    • An online service provided by ITS that allows users to request access for several systems, including guest accounts, network drives and VPN access.
  • SkillSoft
    • An online personal trainer, providing training courses, certification preparation, videos, online books, job aids and quick references.
  • Workday
    Your window into data about you kept in the central campus information system.

If you're also an employee of the University, including being employed as a student worker, you will have an "Employee" tab in mySLU. The "Employee" tab contains these main blocks:

  • Employee Details
    • Quick links to all employee job information, including benefits, direct deposit, pay stubs and W-2 tax forms.
  • My Banner
    • Quick links to tools within the Banner Self-Service portal.
  • Personal Information
    • Quick links to update your contact information for campus emergencies and any compliance requirements.

mySLU Share Portal

The mySLU Share portal allows you grant your parents, guardians or other third parties authorized access to your student information. mySLU Share is available within and Banner Self-Service. It can grant access to the following types of information: academic records, student accounts, financial aid, housing information and conduct records.

Learn More About mySLU Share Portal


Saint Louis University uses Canvas for its learning management system. This application supports faculty and student customers on both the St. Louis and Madrid campuses and provides access to many tools that support SLU's educational mission.

The following tutorials on specific topics are available to help you get more out of your Canvas experience.


Panopto is lecture capture software that records content shown on a computer screen, such as a PowerPoint presentation, along with the instructor's audio. Panopto captures, stores and indexes this content online for students to watch at their convenience.

Instructors can also allow students to create their own Panopto recordings for a course that can be visible to the whole class or just the instructor.

What is required to create a Panopto recording?
  • If you are recording in a Panopto-enabled classroom, the classroom computer and the microphone have already been set up.
  • If you wish to create a recording on your own computer, you will first need to install the Panopto recorder. Downloads are available at Panopto, and clicking "Download Panopto" on the top right.
  • Your computer will also need a microphone connected in order for Panopto to capture your audio. Any standard headset works great, or you can also use a wireless lavalier microphone or even a room microphone.


Web-Based Survey Tools

The Qualtrics survey tool is entirely web-based and offers features including:

  • Easy-to-use point-and-click interface
  • Ability to create and analyze anonymous surveys
  • More than 85 question types
  • Tools for basic and advanced users and surveys

Free online training sessions and webinars are available from the Qualtrics support team, as well as live support. The Qualtrics support team can be contacted directly at 800-340-9194 or