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Lecture Capture at SLU

Lecture capture is a term commonly used to refer to the recording of lectures or other course content/lessons. Such recordings may be created during a class session or outside of class; they may allow students to revisit content from a live class or they may serve as supplemental instruction for students who need it. Lecture capture can serve as a powerful tool in the learning process. However, it also presents challenges and comes with the responsibility to make informed decisions about what to record and when/how to make it available to students and others.

In the pages that follow, you’ll find guidelines for appropriate uses of lecture capture, answers to common questions, and strategies for effective practice. You’ll also find information about privacy and property questions that can arise with lecture capture. Content on this site has been developed in coordination with ITS, the Reinert Center, and the General Counsel’s office. 

To learn more about specific topics, click on the links below.

General FAQs about Lecture Capture at SLU
This page addresses general questions relevant for all members of the SLU community, including what lecture capture is, why it’s used, where/how files are stored and accessed, and what privacy and copyright issues need to be considered when using lecture capture.

Lecture Capture FAQs for SLU Faculty
This page addresses questions faculty often have about lecture capture, including who owns recordings, how to determine when to record, how to use recorded content, how students engage with recorded content, and what to do if you accidentally capture confidential student information.

Lecture Capture FAQs for SLU Students
This page addresses questions students often have about lecture capture, including privacy considerations.