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Lecture Capture FAQs for SLU Students

Can I make recordings of my own?

Yes. There are lots of reasons you might wish to record presentation or other kinds of content (e.g., you could review it as a self-assessment in preparation for an in-class presentation).

What are the privacy considerations for me in lecture capture?

For the most part, there aren't any, as long as you are recording your own presentation/materials.

What formats are available for captured lectures?

The default format for Panopto at SLU is MP4. Instructors may also choose to make lectures available for download as audio only MP3 files. However, instructors cannot do this for lectures that contact copyrighted or other protected material.

Why doesn't my professor allow downloading of Panopto videos?
 In most cases, faculty make recorded material available to be used by students in a single course, in single semester. While the default mode for recorded lectures in Panopto is a streaming format, proprietary to Panopto, instructors can choose to make recorded lectures downloadable, but they may decide not to do so for a variety of reasons, including intellectual property issues, copyright protection, etc.