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You will register for classes at Saint Louis University using or Banner Self Service - Student.

See Saint Louis University's drop, withdrawal and tuition-refund deadlines for additional dates.

Step 1: Run your Degree Works report

Before you connect with your advisor, review your program requirements in Degree Works and develop a plan for the upcoming semester. See for course offerings.

Step 2: Connect with your academic advisor

Your advisor may have sent you instructions on setting up a pre-registration appointment in EAB Navigate. If not, email your advisor for instructions.

Step 4: Determine when you can register

See the registration dates for each semester and student group.

Step 5: Register for classes

Students have two options for registering for class.

  1. Search for courses and submit your Primary Cart through
    1. Use the Course Search panel on the left to filter courses of interest.

    2. See our one-page tutorial for additional information.
  2. Use Banner Self-Service.
    1. Click on Banner Self Service – Student, then Registration and then Register for Classes.  
    2. Select the Appropriate term from the drop-down menu, enter your alternate PIN/ Registration PIN, if appropriate and click Continue.
    3. In the Find Classes tab, search by subject code or click Advanced Search.
      Enter your course reference numbers (CRNs) in the boxes on the “Enter CRNs” tab and click Add to Summary.  
    4. At the bottom of the page, in the Summary Section, click Submit.
    5. For a visual, step-by-step tutorial click here.

Class and Schedule Search Tips

Search Criteria Selections

You must select at least one subject area from the menu to perform the search. To select multiple items, hold the Ctrl key while clicking more than one selection.


The default campus location is north campus: (buildings north of Interstate 64 in St. Louis). To view courses offered on south campus, including the Medical Center, and other locations, select different or additional campus options.

Reading Search Results

CRN stands for Course Reference Number. Click on it for more detailed information regarding the course. Other common abbreviations include:

  • CMP = Campus
  • Days = M=Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, R=Thursday, F=Friday, S=Saturday, U=Sunday
  • CAP = Capacity
  • ACT = Number of students enrolled
  • REM = Remaining seats. When REM is 0 or a negative number, the course is closed.
  • WL = Waitlist. WL CAP, WL ACT, and WL REM indicate the capacity, actual and remaining waitlist seats, if applicable.
  • XL = Cross-listed. XL CAP, XL ACT and XL REM indicate the capacity, actual and remaining seats if a course is cross-listed with another section. When XL REM is 0 or a negative number, the course is closed.
Registration PINs

Registration PINs allow students to have priority registration. Banner will block registration until the student enters the registration PIN.

See the Registration Sequence policy.

Students will receive their PIN from the Office of the University Registrar (

St. Louis campus student PINs are based on student classification.
510000 = Senior
520000 = Junior
530000 = Sophomore
540000 = Freshmen

Madrid campus student PINs are based on student classification.
200000 = Seniors, Juniors and Honors students
222222 = Sophomores and Freshmen