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Degree Evaluation

Saint Louis University’s online degree evaluation is available to all students via mySLU and can help you schedule the appropriate courses each semester.

The evaluation indicates which program and graduation requirements have been satisfied and those you still must complete.

How to run a degree evaluation
How to run a “What If?” evaluation

Degree evaluations cannot take into account the unique aspects of your academic program. You will still need to think for yourself and work closely with your adviser. Read our answers to Frequently Asked Questions about online degree evaluations below. If you still have questions, contact one of the following:

  • For questions about core requirements, contact your dean's office.
  • For questions about your major, contact your adviser or academic department.
  • For other issues, contact the University registrar's office staff.

Frequently Asked Questions: Degree Evaluation at SLU

Does a degree evaluation affect my transcript or graduation?

No. Your transcript is still your official academic record from SLU. But a degree evaluation can influence and help you plan which courses you take. It may also help you spot any errors in your academic records.

A degree evaluation can also help you know when you are ready for graduation, but your department and dean's office must approve you as a candidate. Talk with your adviser or dean's office if you have any questions.

What if I think a course I've taken should fill a requirement and it does not within the online degree evaluation?

If the course you think should complete a requirement is not standard, your individual record may need to be modified to substitute your course for the one normally used. Notations may have been made in your paper record but not yet transferred to your electronic record.

See your dean's office if the course is in the core, and your department or adviser if it is in your major. If your course is the standard one taken for the requirement, there may be an error within the degree evaluation. Please notify the registrar's office.

Why doesn't the course that I transferred meet the requirement I was told it would meet?

The online degree evaluation doesn’t always translate transfer credit appropriately but the problem is usually easily solved when brought to the attention of the right person. Contact your dean's office for questions about a core course, and your adviser or department for questions involving your major.

Why do the requirements in a degree evaluation look different from the sheet my adviser shows me?

The information in a degree evaluation is based on the check-sheets used by advisers, but the format may vary due to the limitations of the program. Your requirements are based on your catalog year of record (usually determined by the date you entered Saint Louis University). If that catalog year is incorrect, you may see requirements meant for a different catalog. This problem is easily corrected in your dean's office.

Why aren't all of my academic programs appearing in a degree evaluation?

An online degree evaluation can only show one degree at a time, with up to two majors and two minors. See your dean's office if you think you have a major or minor which should appear but does not.

Why is the grade point average in a degree evaluation different from the one on my transcript?

You may have college credit through SLU's 1818 program and your high school. On your transcript, these courses will appear as credits earned, but they will not count in your grade point average. However, a degree evaluation cannot make that distinction. It counts both the credits and the grades from 1818 courses.

The GPA on your transcript is correct and official. If you do not have credits from 1818 and your GPA is different in a degree evaluation than on your transcript, contact the registrar's office.

How does a degree evaluation handle repeated courses? What about a special topics course?

Degree evaluations count the most recent of any repeated course. Special topics courses are differentiated by their section numbers. Since a degree evaluation does not read section numbers, it may not read a special topics course correctly. If this happens, see your department for questions about a major course or your dean's office for questions about a core course.