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Pharmacy Scholars Program

The Pharmacy Scholars Program is an exclusive opportunity for qualified incoming Saint Louis University freshmen to gain a guaranteed interview to the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program at St. Louis College of Pharmacy (STLCOP) and access an accelerated pathway to completing both their bachelor’s degree and their Pharm.D.

The program allows students working toward a bachelor's degree at SLU to apply for admission into the first professional (P1) year of the Pharm.D. after three years of undergraduate study. Courses taken as part of the P1 year will reverse transfer to Saint Louis University and fulfill senior-level degree requirements for the bachelor's degree. 

University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy, St. Louis College of Pharmacy provides a challenging learning environment where pharmacy students can explore a variety of practice settings, develop medication expertise, and become leaders in the profession and their communities. The curriculum focuses on preparing students to provide interprofessional, evidence-based, patient-centered care in any practice setting, achieving positive drug therapy outcomes for patients.

Through this unique partnership between two of St. Louis’ most prestigious educational institutions, students seeking careers as pharmacists may take advantage of both the outstanding undergraduate education available at Saint Louis University and the innovative Doctor of Pharmacy program at University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy, St. Louis College of Pharmacy.

Apply to the Pharmacy Scholars Program

Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5, weighted or unweighted, as reported on the high school transcript at the close of the junior year.
  • Completion of at least three years of high school math and science; four years of each is highly recommended.
  • Submit two letters of recommendation.
  • At this time, only students who pursue a degree in biology or health sciences are eligible for the Pharmacy Scholars program.

Application Process

Interested students should complete the Pharmacy Scholars application located in their Billiken Gateway portal no later than Dec. 1 of their senior year of high school. Students must also select biology or health science as their major of choice on the general SLU application or Common Application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does being a Pharmacy Scholar shorten the length of time to completing the Pharm.D. degree?

Yes! Pharmacy Scholars who are accepted to STLCOP can complete their Pharm.D. degree in seven years. They would spend three years at SLU in their bachelor's degree program, and then, if admitted to STLCOP, complete four years at STLCOP. Students obtain their bachelor's degree from SLU after the completion of their first year at STLCOP.

What majors/programs of study can I pursue as a Pharmacy Scholar?

Currently, only students who pursue a degree in biology or health sciences are eligible for the Pharmacy Scholars program. 

Can students become a Pharmacy Scholar after they are a current SLU student?

No, students may only become a Pharmacy Scholar as an incoming freshman to SLU (must apply by December 1 of their senior year of high school). Transfer students or current SLU students desiring to pursue a career in pharmacy can follow the pre-pharmacy track to fulfill requirements that would make them eligible to apply to any pharmacy program.

What if I change my major or decide that I do not want to continue to the Pharmacy Program?
If students choose to change their major, they will forfeit their guaranteed interview to STLCOP. Students must complete the biology or health sciences program to maintain Pharmacy Scholar status.
What are the requirements to remain a Pharmacy Scholar?

Once admitted as a Pharmacy Scholar, students are expected to maintain full-time enrollment at Saint Louis University and to meet the following requirements: 

  • Maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA and a 3.0 cumulative math and science GPA.
  • Complete all health sciences or biology and Pharm.D. prerequisite courses.
  • Obtain a “C” or higher in all courses.
  • Obtain shadow experience or work experience in a pharmacy setting.
  • Attend various meetings with their faculty mentor.
  • Attend an informational session and tour at STLCOP prior to junior year at SLU.
  • Complete the online application through STLCOP’s online admission application portal. STLCOP’s Office of Admissions will work with Pharmacy Scholars to assist them with submitting their application to the Pharm.D. program.
  • Complete the PCAT no later than July of the year of admittance to STLCOP.
Can I study abroad as a Pharmacy Scholar?

Yes. Pharmacy Scholars are encouraged to study abroad. Pharmacy Scholars will work with their undergraduate academic advisor to determine a time that is most optimal for study abroad.

Can I complete a minor in another field as a Pharmacy Scholar?
Minors are not required but can be added to your bachelor’s degree, provided there is enough space in the curriculum. A minor may be chosen, but this choice may also lengthen the time beyond the 3-year accelerated duration of the bachelor's degree. Some common minors include Health Care Ethics, Health Information Management and any foreign language.
Can I apply to other pharmacy schools as a Pharmacy Scholar?
Students may apply to other pharmacy schools if they are not admitted to STLCOP in their third year.


Julie Miller, Recruitment Specialist, Doisy College of Health Sciences

Dr. Julie Thole, Assistant Professor of Biology, College of Arts and Sciences