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Law Scholars Program

Saint Louis University’s Law Scholars Program gives incoming freshman who are interested in attending SLU Law a head start.

This program offered through the Office of Pre-Health and Pre-Law Studies helps students explore the legal field early in their college careers through the integration of law-focused activities within general coursework. Examples of Law Scholar activities include courses taught by law school professors, courtroom experiences, and opportunities to work with local attorneys. Law Scholars who successfully complete the program are guaranteed admission to SLU Law following graduation.

Applications open in your Billiken Gateway portal on Sept. 1. 

Apply to the Law Scholars Program

Application Process

Applicants should have a minimum GPA of 3.25, weighted or unweighted, or be placed in the top 40% of their high school class.

An online application is available in conjunction with the main SLU application. Once accepted into the Law Scholars Program, students must sign and return the invitation to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions via email or mail to Saint Louis University, DuBourg Hall, Room 119, 1 N. Grand Blvd. For more information, contact the Office of Pre-Health and Pre-Law Studies by email or phone at 314-977-2840.


Law Scholars have freedom to declare any major they choose. In addition to major and general graduation requirements, Law Scholars will complete a series of four integrated courses (12 total credit hours) taught by adjunct lawyers and SLU Law faculty. Law Scholars will also create a personalized ePortfolio documenting academic and co-curricular experiences throughout their college careers. A detailed description of these requirements can be found in the Law Scholar requirements.

Course Requirements

Program course requirements must be completed by the end of each student's junior year:

  • PLS 1000: Introduction to Law
  • PLS 2000:  Intro to Legal Research & Writing
  • Legal Internship

Additional Requirements for Freshmen

  • Join the SLU Law Dean of Admission in attending a reception and case study discussion during the fall semester.
  • Attend at least one additional pre-law event during the academic year. Students must compose and submit a summary and written reflection of this event via the e-Portfolio.
  • Attain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.60 by the end of the academic year. There is not a minimum cumulative GPA requirement pertaining to students' sophomore academic year.

Additional Requirements for Juniors and Seniors

  • Select and attend at least two law-related events per academic year (such events may be attended on or off of campus). Students must compose and submit a summary and written reflection of each event via the e-Portfolio.
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.70 at the end of both the junior and senior academic years.

All students who have met the requirements of the Law Scholars Program will earn a guaranteed seat in the fall class of Saint Louis University School of Law immediately following graduation, contingent upon:

  • Taking the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and submitting an application to Saint Louis University School of Law through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC).
  • Graduating with a cumulative GPA of 3.70 or above

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the program offer guaranteed admission into law school?

Yes. Law Scholars who successfully complete the program’s requirements and maintain the required GPA for the duration of their undergraduate studies are guaranteed admittance to SLU LAW. Although Law Scholars must formally apply to the law school and submit letters of recommendation to complete their application for admission, their application fee is waived.

Do I still have to take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT)?

Yes. All Law Scholars must take the LSAT at the appropriate time.

Can I apply to other law schools and still remain in the program?

Yes. Law Scholars are welcome to submit applications to other law schools without jeopardizing their guaranteed admission to SLU LAW. There is no penalty for applying to other institutions, and Law Scholars are allowed to make their law school decision according to the same timeline as traditional applicants.

Does the Law Scholars Program shorten the amount of time I will spend in school?

No. When a Law Scholar obtains guaranteed admission to SLU LAW, that guarantee is contingent upon successful completion of a bachelor’s degree from SLU.

How will my Advanced Placement and advanced credit courses transfer?

In keeping with their high level of academic achievement, students who wish to become Law Scholars are encouraged to take Advanced Placement and/or advanced credit courses in high school whenever possible. Students are encouraged to investigate the grades or scores required for specific subject areas in order to receive advanced placement credit at SLU.

Can I wait and become a Law Scholar once I am a current SLU student?

No. Only new freshman applicants can be considered for acceptance into the program.

Which majors/programs of study can I pursue as a Law Scholar?

Students pursuing any undergraduate program of study at SLU are eligible for consideration. 

What if I change my major or decide that I do not want to attend law school?

Many students continue on as Law Scholars even though they have chosen a new major. Some withdraw from the program to explore completely new interests, while others remain on their original path but pursue a graduate opportunity other than law school. Remember that there is no penalty for withdrawing from the program, but applying to become a Law Scholar is an opportunity that you only have as an incoming freshman.

What are the requirements to remain in the program?

Once accepted as Law Scholars, students are expected to maintain full-time enrollment at SLU and to meet the following requirements:

Freshman Year 

  • Attend a Law Scholar orientation at the start of the fall semester, including a Case Discussion with the (Associate) Dean of the Law School
  • Present a cumulative GPA of at least 3.6 at the end of the freshman year
  • Attend and write summaries about at least two programs designated for Pre-Law students during the year
  • Follow appropriate curriculum requirements

Sophomore Year through Senior Year 

  • Present a cumulative GPA of at least 3.7 at the end of the fall semester of junior year and at the end of the senior year.  
  • Follow appropriate curriculum requirements
  • Attend at least two programs designated for Pre-Law students each year
  • Formally apply to SLU LAW during senior year
  • Take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT)

Required Coursework 

  • Regardless of their major, students must take and complete the following courses: 
    • PLS 1000: Introduction to Law
    • PLS 2000: Introduction to Legal Research and Writing
    • PLS 4965: Foundations of Law (Junior year)
    • PLS 4100: Legal Internships
Can I study abroad as a Law Scholar?

Yes. Law Scholars are welcome to study abroad at any time, with the exception of spring semester of their junior year. This is the only semester that the required “Foundations of Law” course is offered to Law Scholars.

What other benefits do Law Scholars enjoy?

Law Scholars enjoy numerous other benefits, including:

  • One-on-one advising through the Pre-Law Department, which includes academic counseling and assistance with the law school application process.
  • Mentorship and interactions with Law School faculty and practicing lawyers.
  • Strong sense of community and experiential learning outside of the classroom.
  • Receipt of important pre-law announcements, including LSAT registration deadlines, notice of practice LSATs being administered on-campus and invitations to other pre-law events.
  • Student-sponsored programming and organizations, including SLU’s own chapter of Phi Alpha Delta, the national pre-law fraternity, and the mock trial team.
  • Pre-Law sponsored events, including guest lectures, moot court competitions and workshops.
  • One dedicated SLU LAW 1843 full tuition scholarship will be offered to a Law Scholar who successfully completes the program during the application process to SLU LAW.
What if I am not sure of where I want to attend law school? 

If you have not yet chosen which law school you would like to attend, do not worry – neither have most of our Law Scholars. It’s more important that you find a program that prepares you for that next step – and a university where you can stay and continue your law school education after completing your undergraduate career. 

As a pre-law student at SLU, you will receive the instruction and experience necessary to pursue any number of options for law school. But you will also spend four years making connections with faculty and staff at SLU LAW, as well as networking with the many legal professionals to whom you will be introduced along the way. 

Becoming a Law Scholar is not about choosing a law school before you’ve even graduated from high school. It’s about providing yourself with the best possible opportunities for your future as a law student. We are confident that you will be interested in continuing your studies at SLU when you see what the University has to offer.