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Graduate Education Staff

Robert M. Wood, Ph.D.

Associate Provost, Academic Affairs 
DuBourg Hall, Room 420B

Robert M. Wood is SLU's associate provost for academic affairs and is responsible for leading, overseeing and coordinating the development, implementation, and assessment of academic programs, academic policies, and academic support services and programs at the baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate levels.

He oversees the University-wide Academic Program Review process and serves as the Office of the Provost's representative handling student academic and financial appeals. Additionally, he provides administrative leadership for academic advising across campus, as well as for the execution and expansion of learning communities, retention and student success programs. He serves on multiple standing committees and task forces.

Felicia C. Echols, Ed.D.

Coordinator, Academic Affairs
DuBourg Hall, Room 422

Felicia C. Echols works closely with the associate provost for Academic Affairs. She coordinates and manages projects and workflows related to both Graduate and Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committees. This includes both programmatic initiatives and policy development and implementation across both graduate and undergraduate curricula. She also coordinate the initiation and awarding of graduate fellowships, assistantships and scholarships. 

Christine Harper, Ph.D.

Doctoral Candidacy Specialist
DuBourg Hall, Room 420D

Christine Harper is responsible for advising doctoral students in completing the final stages of their degrees. She ensures that all policies and procedures are followed and that students have completed their requirements for degree conferral, understand the graduate process and have been treated according to University policy.

Latoya Cash

Masters Candidacy Specialist
DuBourg Hall, Room 420C

Latoya Cash is responsible for advising master's students in the final semester of their academic career in completing their degrees. She ensures that all policies and procedures have been enforced, students have completed their requirements for degree conferral, understand the graduate process, and have been treated fairly under University policy.