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Information for New Students

Congratulations on your admission and welcome to Saint Louis University.

We hope to see you at a graduate orientation session. We highly recommend that all new graduate students attend, but if you are receiving an assistantship or fellowship, it is required.

2020 Graduate Orientation Dates

  • Spring New Graduate Student and Assistant/Fellowship Orientation: Friday, January 10th
  • Fall New Graduate Student and Assistant/Fellowship Orientation: Wednesday, August 12th

Learn More about Graduate Student Orientation

Graduate Programs Contacts

Many of your questions about your academic requirements or individual graduate school experience can be answered by contacts at the college, school or degree granting center to which you have been admitted.

Center for Advanced Dental Education

John Hatton, D.M.D., Executive Director
Dreiling-Marshall Hall, Second Floor

Kimberly Cox, Administrative Assistant
Dreiling-Marshall Hall, Second Floor

College of Arts and Sciences

April Trees, Ph.D., Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs
Verhaegen Hall, Room 220

Catherine Zimmer, Business Manager
Verhaegen Hall, Room 320

College for Public Health and Social Justice

Jyssaka Meyers, Director of Graduate Recruitment and Admission
Salus Center, Room 1401-O

Kristi Richter, Director of Graduate Recruitment and Admissions (Contact for social work, applied behavior analysis, criminology and criminal justice, urban planning and development)
Tegeler Hall, Second Floor

Doisy College of Health Sciences

Elizabeth Gockel-Blessing, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Student and Academic Affairs
Allied Health Building, Room 3094

Matthew Campbell, Business Manager
Allied Health Building, Room 3113

Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business

Heather Bednarek, Associate Dean and Associate Professor
Davis-Shaughnessy Hall, Room 200

Sheryl Smith, Administrative Secretary
Davis-Shaughnessy Hall, Room 311

Parks College of Aviation, Engineering and Technology 

Riyadh A. Hindi, Ph.D., Associate Dean and Professor
McDonnell Douglas Hall, Room 1002

Nicole Mispagel, Graduate Programs Assistant
McDonnell Douglas Hall, Room 1002

Saint Louis University Center for Outcomes Research

Leslie Hinyard, Ph.D., Associate Director for Academic Affairs
Salus Center, Room 409C

Linda Waller, Business Manager
Salus Center, 2nd Fl Room 2801

School of Education

Maureen A. Wikete Lee, Ph.D., Associate Dean and Assistant Professor

Fitzgerald Hall, 3500 Lindell Blvd., room 133



Elizabeth Nutt, Executive Assistant

Fitzgerald Hall, Room 130


School of Law

Jon Baris, Assistant Dean for Student Services
Scott Hall, Room 1008B

Denise M. Economon, Associate Dean for Administration
Scott Hall, Room 872E

School of Medicine

Willis K. Samson, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Graduate Education
Caroline Building, Room 207-A

Lindsay Oliver, Graduate Program Coordinator
Caroline Building, Room 207-A

Trudy Busch Valentine School of Nursing

Joanne Thanavaro, D.N.P., Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Education
Trudy Busch Valentine School of Nursing, Room 225

Joanne Schneider, Interim Director of the Ph.D. Program
Trudy Busch Valentine School of Nursing, Room 432

Lisa Roach, Business Manager
Trudy Busch Valentine School of Nursing, Room 221

School for Professional Studies

Steven L. Winton, Ph.D., Director of the M.A. program in leadership and organizational development
Brouster Hall

Srikanth Mudigonda, Ph.D., Director of the M.S. program in applied analytics
Brouster Hall

Saint Louis University-Madrid Campus

Paul Vita, Ph.D., Director and Academic Dean
Saint Louis University-Madrid Campus
Phone: (+34) 91 554 5858 - ext: 207