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Graduate Education FAQs

Everyone associated with graduate education at Saint Louis University is here to serve you. Do not hesitate to call on any of us. If we don't have the answer, we will find someone who does.

Prospective Students

When is the best time to begin looking into graduate school?

It is generally recommended that students begin looking into graduate school during their junior year of undergraduate study. View a detailed timeline of when and how to apply to graduate school.

How can I schedule a tour of SLU’s campus?

Campus visits and tours can be scheduled online at

Can I meet with faculty when visiting campus?

Yes. University staff can help set up a meeting with faculty when you schedule your visit to SLU.

What are the language requirements for international students?
Visit the INTO SLU website for more information on requirements for international graduate student admission.
Who can I contact for more information about SLU's graduate programs?

For general information, contact 1-800-758-3678 or email For more specific program information, contact your program director or other faculty member. Contact information can be found on the program websites.


Newly Admitted Students

Do I have to attend new graduate student orientation?

If you have received an assistantship or fellowship, you are required to attend the graduate assistant and graduate fellow orientations. We strongly recommend all other new graduate students attend orientation as well, but is not required.

Where can I find graduate housing?

Robert May Hall houses graduate and professional students and offers 12-month leases. For more information, visit SLU’s Office of Housing and Residence Life.


Current Students

What services are available to help me improve my writing?

University Writing Services has resources specifically for graduate students. It also offers one-on-one peer consultation and workshops, and facilitates writing groups.

What financial aid and funding opportunities are available for current graduate students?

The Donald G. Brennan Scholarship Fund and the Morgan Book Fund are all available to current graduate students. Many academic departments also offer assistantships and employment opportunities.

Is there funding available to go to conferences?

Yes, funding is available through SLU’s Graduate Student Association and sometimes through individual academic departments. Visit the Graduate Student Association website or contact department chairs for more information.

Whom can I contact if I'm having problems formatting my thesis or dissertation?

Contact Janie D. Henderson, masters candidacy specialist, at 314-977-2245 or

Contact Christine Harper, doctoral candidacy specialist, at 314-977-2243 or

How do I get off academic probation?
Contact the Office of the University Registrar to submit the necessary paperwork to resolve probation issues.
If I have my own health insurance, do I have to accept the University's insurance?

Students who are covered by an outside insurance provider have the option to waive the University's insurance plan. Details about the University Health Plan, including coverage and open enrollment dates, are available at the Student Health Center.

I have had an unexpected expense. What short-term funding is available?

Emergency loans are available from the Office of Graduate Education. Contact Felicia Echols, academic affairs coordinator, at 314-977-2601 or

Do international students need to file a U.S. tax return?

Every foreign national present in the United States for any portion of the previous year is required by law to file forms with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and all appropriate state tax offices. Because Saint Louis University is unable to provide assistance or advice regarding filing taxes, the Office of International Services has purchased access to an online tax preparation package that can help students file their taxes.

While on my assistantship, I received a bill. How do I resolve this?

Students may receive a bill for fees not covered under their tuition award. Contact Student Financial Services at 314-977-2350 for billing assistance.