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Graduate Minor in Research Methodology

Saint Louis University offers a formal graduate minor in research methodology that is available to graduate students throughout the University.

Curriculum and Program Details

The research methodology minor is administered through the College of Arts and Sciences. It is composed of at least 15 credit hours that include a basic statistical analysis course, two courses in advanced analysis and two courses in advanced methodology.

Courses that fulfill these categories come from a wide variety of departments across the University.

  • Cluster I: Core course. All students must take an introductory inferential statistics course.
  • Cluster II: Advanced statistics/analysis courses. A student would select at least two courses from this cluster.
  • Cluster III: Advanced methodology and design courses. A student would select at least two courses from this cluster.

In this way, you can build a minor that best suits your own needs and the goals of your academic program.

While 15 hours are required, you may take more courses and get credit for them. This minor, and the courses involved, will be listed on your official University transcript, so long as you complete the Petition to Amend the Minor form upon or near the completion of all courses in the plan for the minor.

Applicant Criteria

You must be admitted to a degree program at Saint Louis University or other recognized university and in good academic standing.

You also must have taken “General Research Methodology” or an equivalent course in your major department or elsewhere in the University. This must be a basic introductory course that provides an overview of all major forms of research methodology and design. This prerequisite serves as a foundation for all other courses taken in this minor.

Application Requirements

Students interested in this program will apply through Saint Louis University’s Department of Sociology and Anthropology. For more information, contact Hisako Matsuo, Ph.D., director of the graduate research methodology minor, at

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