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Academic Support

Your academic success is our first priority. At Saint Louis University, we help you navigate every step on your college journey, from your first real research paper to your first job post-graduation. We'll even help you choose a major.

SLU provides students with both an academic advisor and a faculty mentor. Guided study groups are available in some residence halls through our learning communities, or you can form your own with the help of SLU's residence hall staff.

See what else is available to you:

Academic Support Services

Academic Advising

You’ll meet with your advisor and your faculty mentor regularly. Your primary advising office is determined by your major and the college where that major is housed. Some majors and programs — such as honors or pre-professional tracks — have a secondary advisor to help you meet those academic goals.

Learn More About Academic Advising 

Billiken Success Program

The Billiken Success Program kicks off with an intensive, pre-semester academic summer program that accelerates your transition to SLU and continues throughout your freshman year. The Office of Admission may require a student to participate in this program as a condition of admission.

Billikens' First Chapter

Billikens' First Chapter is designed for students who may need additional support in the transition to college and matches students with a professional staff member who provides one-on-one, holistic support. Students are selected to participate based on information provided during the admission process.

Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources

If you require academic accommodations on an ongoing or temporary basis, SLU’s Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources can help coordinate auxiliary aids and services. Inquiries about reasonable university-related accommodations are kept confidential. 

Peer Mentoring

First-year students admitted through the Billiken Success Program or TRIO Student Support Services programs are automatically matched with a mentor. Peer mentors help shape your first-year experience through small group and one-on-one meetings, as well as academic and social activities.

Students' Opportunity for Achievement and Resources (SOAR)

The Students' Opportunity for Achievement and Resources (SOAR) Program works with first-generation college students, those who have received a Pell grant, or students who have some disability throughout their time at Saint Louis University to provide resources and services these students need on their path to college graduation and whatever lies beyond.

Success Coaching
Meet one-on-one with your own academic coach to perfect your studying, note-taking or testing skills and to learn about time management and goal setting. Learn about success coaching.
University Writing Services

Whether you are finishing your dissertation or brainstorming your first paper at SLU, University Writing Services can help. Appointments are available online or in person.

International and ESL Students

SLU’s English Language Center works with international students and non-native speakers, undergraduate or graduate. The English Through Service program provides you with an extra opportunity to expand your language skills while volunteering in the St. Louis community.

Adult Learners

SLU’s Student Success Center offers tutoring specifically for several classes taught at the School for Professional Studies, including the subjects of math, chemistry and data analysis.

Job-Search Assistance 

More than 90% of SLU students are satisfied with their careers or graduate studies. We want the same to be true of you. Discover what you can do with your major. Develop a résumé, interviewing and networking skills, or take advantage of our jobs database. Graduates can continue to use the resources at SLU Career Services resources for life, free of charge.