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SLU 101 Tips for Parents and Guardians

Saint Louis University offers a complete schedule of SLU 101 sessions specifically designed for parents and guardians to help you become more familiar with campus and to cover transition topics of interest to parents and families.

Parents and families at SLU 101

SLU 101 includes a full schedule for parents and families of new Saint Louis University students, but there's also time to relax and enjoy the beautiful campus.

Parent and family session topics include scholarships and financial aid, student health, campus safety, academic advising, student services and transition issues.

While you might consider returning to campus in August for Fall Welcome to help your student move on campus, SLU 101 is the event where parents and families receive the most information about SLU and are able to interact with our faculty, staff and students. It is helpful to have a parent or family member attend with the student because SLU 101 programming includes a student track and a guest track, with different schedules. 

Watch the SLU 101 Virtual Panel for Parents and Guardians.

Hotels for SLU 101 

SLU 101 guests are responsible for their own overnight accommodations. Guests are not allowed to stay with their students in the residence halls during SLU 101.

Saint Louis University is located in a thriving urban area filled with hotel accommodations just minutes away from campus, many of which offer discounted rates for Saint Louis University visitors. Please note that rates are subject to change and based on availability.

Find Hotels Near SLU

Please park in Laclede Parking Garage for SLU 101.

View SLU Campus Maps

Supporting Your Student During SLU 101

Prepare Questions

Think about what you want to know, not just what you should find out. Also think about what information may help you throughout their time at SLU. Thinking ahead will help you determine what's truly important to you and your student.

Listen and Take Notes

Jot some notes as various presenters share information — make note of websites where the info resides online. Use your cellphone to take pictures of important slides in presentations — sometimes a visual can help in recalling what you learned. Feel free to bring a notebook or journal so you can write down information or ideas you gather throughout the program.  Once you return home, you can read through your notes.

Get to Know Other Parents and Families

SLU 101 is an excellent time to mix and mingle with others who are going through the same thing that you are. Develop informal support structures and compare notes with other parents and family members.

Give Your Student Some Space

This is their first full campus experience as a SLU student so it's important that they learn to navigate on their own. Give them space to meet people, to ask questions and take charge of their college life. Empowering them to be their own self-advocate will help build their confidence for their return in the fall.  


Drink water, stay cool and pace yourself. Take breaks when you need them during the presentations. Remember that the facilities are air-conditioned and to wear layers to help you remain comfortable inside buildings that may feel hyper-cool due to the high air conditioning during the summer months. Wear comfortable shoes; your campus visit will include some walking as you navigate campus.  You may want to bring a water bottle with you to stay hydrated and don't forget any personal items such as medicine or phone charger that you may need throughout the day.

Create a Reflection Checklist

Take notes of things you learn during SLU 101 so you can discuss these items with your student once you return home. 
  • What do you want to discuss with them before they return to campus in August? What family expectations may you have of them?
  • Allow your student to share with you their personal goals they have for college.
  • Listen to what they learned during SLU 101.
  • Discuss how they can be responsible for managing problems as they occur in college by knowing the resources and services available for them at SLU.