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Have Questions About SLU 101?

Check the FAQ below, we have your answers.

Signing up for SLU 101

Can I come to any program date I'd like?

Yes, as long as the date still has space available. Remember that you must submit your enrollment deposit before registering for SLU 101. When you register, you will see all the dates with remaining space listed for you to choose from. We recommend you wait to make your travel arrangements (e.g. purchase plane tickets) for SLU 101 until after you have signed up for a session date. You and your guest(s) must be registered for a SLU 101 session to attend; we are not able to accommodate walk-ins.

Do the program dates have unlimited capacity?

Unfortunately, no. Each program date has a limited capacity, and there is also a set capacity for each college or school within the program to assure that students will be able to meet with an academic advisor for their major. Early dates fill especially quickly, so it is best to register as soon as possible if you have a particular date in mind. You can edit your reservation to change your session/date as long as seats are available in that session. Students are also limited to two guests.

Can I come with a friend who will also be a new freshman at SLU?

Yes, but please note that we do not accept roommate requests for the overnight stay at SLU 101. Be sure that you and your friend enroll in the same session. Session dates have limited capacities, so make your arrangements as soon as possible.

Can I bring a friend who will not be attending SLU as a new freshman?

Only admitted SLU students and their families may attend SLU 101 — though your friends are most welcome to visit in the fall once you are settled. Friends interested in attending SLU can contact our Office of Admission at 314-977-2500 to arrange a tour.

What should I do if I am unable to attend SLU 101 at the last minute?

Let us know if you are unable to attend by calling your admission counselor. Please give as much notice as possible so that we can inform your advisor and others who are expecting you.

Parents and Family

What do parents and family members do during SLU 101?

Parents/guardians and/or family members are encouraged to attend SLU 101 and have their own guest schedule of events over the two days that can help familiarize them with campus and prepare them for their student’s time at SLU. Some topics include: scholarships/financial aid, student health, campus safety, academic advising, student services and transition issues.  Please note that each student is limited to bringing two guests with them to SLU 101.

Can a family member other than my parents attend?

Yes, any member of your family is welcome, though the programs are geared toward parents/guardians. Your guests must be registered to attend the SLU 101 program. Each student is limited to two guests.

I have already signed up for the SLU 101 program, but now another member of my family has decided to attend. Is it too late?

Each session has a capacity of how many students and guests we can accommodate. Guests must be registered 12 days out from the session/date. Your parent/guardians and family members are welcome to attend. Please keep in mind that each student is limited to two guests that can attend SLU 101 with them due to limited capacity. To register guests, simply log back into mySLU and make the change to your reservation.

Can family members sit in on my advising/registration meetings?

Parents and other family members are not invited to advising or registration meetings. It is important for you to meet with academic advising independently to begin developing relationships. Our schedule for parents and family members includes an information session with academic advisors that covers how academic advising works for SLU students.

Where do guests stay overnight?

Guests are responsible for making their own hotel reservations. SLU lists recommended accommodations, many of which offer discounts to campus visitors. We are not able to provide on-campus lodging for the guests that attend with the student.

General Questions

What will I be doing during SLU 101, and where do I go to check in?

A sample schedule is available to give you some idea of what SLU 101 is like, but you will receive a schedule and folder of information on the first day during check-in. Please follow your individual schedule. Students will check in at Grand Residence Hall to pick up their key and drop off their overnight belongings. This check-in begins at 8 a.m. the morning of day one of the program. Students and families should then proceed to the Busch Student Center for SLU 101 program check-in, between 8 and 9 a.m., where they will receive a folder of information. The first presentation begins at 9 a.m. in the Busch Student Center.

Do I have to participate in all parts of the program?

Yes. SLU 101 is full of important information that will help you adjust to college and have a smooth first year. And it’s fun! Residential and commuter students both participate in the overnight portion of the program.

What do I need to bring to SLU 101?

You should bring comfortable, casual clothes. Many activities will be inside, so dress appropriately for air-conditioned facilities. We strongly encourage layers in case you get cold sitting in air-conditioning. Since students will be staying overnight on-campus, you should bring a change of clothes, toiletries — shampoo, toothbrush, soap, etc. — water bottle, personal items, bedding (or sleeping bag), pillow, towel and a small amount of money for vending machines or incidentals. Be sure to also bring a valid, government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport, to obtain your SLU ID. Please note that there are no phone lines in individual student residence hall rooms. Students may use personal cell phones or community phones available in the building for local calls.

What meals are provided during SLU 101?

For the freshman student program: On day one of the program, students receive lunch, dinner and an evening snack. On day two of the program, students receive breakfast and lunch. On day one of the program, guests receive lunch and dinner. On day two of the program, guests receive lunch.  Please make sure you submit any dietary needs at the time of your SLU 101 registration so that information can be shared with our dining and catering team.

Will I get my SLU ID while at SLU 101?

Be on the lookout for an email sent to your SLU email address in late spring (or early summer) that will share information on how to submit your photo online for your SLU ID. Use the link provided in the email and follow the directions within the email on how to do the online photo submission process. Don't forget to complete this step before you attend SLU 101. Please bring a valid, government-issued photo ID to SLU 101 so you can obtain your SLU ID. You must complete the online photo submission process for your student ID to have it ready for your SLU 101 visit.  You must also receive an email back sharing your photo has been approved for your SLU ID to be completed.

Can I turn in my forms to the Student Health Center?

Yes, if you have not already done so, you can submit your immunization record and required tuberculosis screening directly to Student Health Center staff during the SLU 101 resource fair or through the online portal. The online health insurance enrollment or waiver process for the University Health Plan can be completed online once you are registered as a full-time student - the portal typically opens up in mid-July.

How can I get to campus from the airport?

The MetroLink will take you directly from the airport to within three blocks of campus. You can also access ground transportation with Go Best Express. We do not provide an airport pick-up service for the SLU 101 program.

Where do I park on campus?

Students and families attending the SLU 101 program may park in the Laclede Parking Garage. Laclede Parking Garage is at the corner of Grand and Laclede.  Parking is free for the students and families — just show your SLU 101 folder as you exit the garage.

What should I do if I'm unable to attend SLU 101 at the last minute?

Contact your admission counselor if you are not able to attend/participate in your SLU 101 sessions. We appreciate any notice you can give us so that we can inform the academic advisor and others that may be expecting you.

Can I be a walk-in for a SLU 101 session?

We are unable to process walk-ins for SLU 101 sessions due to everything that goes into preparing for the program with advising appointments, folder preparation, catering and meal counts, etc.  Please make sure you sign up for a SLU 101 session to assure we are ready for your attendance/participation.

Do international students attend SLU 101?

New international students that are already in the United States are encouraged to sign up for SLU 101.  New international students that will not be arriving to the U.S. until August will be academically advised and registered for classes in a different way during the summer.  All new international students will receive information from the Office of International Services during the summer to share information about International Student Orientation that is held in August before classes begin.

Registering for Classes at SLU 101

Will I register for my classes on the first day or the second day?

New students are required to complete course placement tests and the course selection survey; ideally, these are completed by May 15. An academic advisor will utilize this information in building out a tentative fall class schedule. You will have a meeting with academic advising on day one of SLU 101 to review your schedule. If changes need to be made to your class schedule, then students have the opportunity to make changes on day one or day two in the course registration lab. Students can also speak to an academic advisor about a major change during SLU 101. Not all students will complete the course registration process on the first day, so please keep this in mind when making travel arrangements. It is important to stay for the entire SLU 101 program. Students are required to attend SLU 101 to complete their course registration process and make any adjustments to their class schedule.

Will I be able to get the schedule of classes I want?

The information you provide in advance of SLU 101 through the registration survey will assist the advising team in pulling together a tentative class schedule for you. The academic advisor will work with you to help you select courses that are appropriate for you and your program of study.

What can I do if I am closed out of a class that I want?

If you cannot register for a class at SLU 101, the academic advisor can tell you what options are available.

Do I have to take placement tests for classes?

Yes, all students complete online course placement tests and the course selection survey. This information will help the academic advisor in preparing your tentative class schedule as well as preparing for the advising information meetings. View more information about the online placement tests.

Who can I talk to about arranging academic accommodations (extended time testing, note-takers, books on tape, medical disability support, etc.)?

If you used an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)/504 plan/another accommodation plan in high school or if you have a documented condition that may require academic or housing accommodations, please contact the Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources (CADR) in the Student Success Center at 314-977-3484 or

The higher education accommodation process differs from the high school accommodation process, so please make sure to contact the office as soon as possible to understand the procedures. You are welcome to make an appointment during your SLU 101 visit. Based on the SLU 101 schedule, the afternoon of day two is usually the best time. Or, you can schedule a virtual appointment to speak to someone later in the summer.

Housing and Tours

Do I need to spend the night in the residence hall for SLU 101?

Yes, the overnight stay in the residence hall (Grand Hall) is an important part of the SLU 101 program for the incoming students. Because of the importance of making friends and feeling socially comfortable in a new environment, we expect you to stay overnight in the residence hall whether or not you will be living on campus in the fall.  Students will have randomly assigned roommates/suitemates for the overnight stay; we do not accept roommate requests for the program.

If I need to arrive a day before SLU 101 (or stay a day after), can I stay in a University residence hall?

Yes, you are welcome to stay on campus a night prior to or after SLU 101 for a $35-per-night fee. Sign up for the extra night(s) through SLU 101 registration via mySLU. The fee will be added to your student bill. If you sign up for early arrival for SLU 101, then the earliest you can arrive is 2 p.m. the day before the program begins. You will check in through Grand Hall the day before if you signed up to arrive early for the extra night of lodging. Early arrivals are on Sunday or Wednesday for the freshman program sessions and you can arrive anytime from 2pm on throughout the rest of day. Once you check in as early arrival, please get settled in at Grand. You will then check in at the Busch Student Center the next morning between 8 and 9 a.m. for the SLU 101 program. The first presentation begins at 9 a.m. the first day of the program. SLU 101 leaders are here to assist you and are also staying in Grand Hall.

Will I find out my residence hall assignment during SLU 101?

The Department of Housing and Residence Life makes housing assignments and they are sent out mid-July to students.

Will I be able to see the residence hall rooms?

Yes, tours of one to two residence hall sample rooms are available during SLU 101. However, not every residence hall will be available during the summer to provide tours. You will not be able to see your assigned room for the fall as the University does most of the maintenance work on the residence halls during the summer.

Will I be able to take a campus tour?

Yes, a campus tour will be offered during the program. Details will be listed on the SLU 101 schedule you'll receive when you arrive.

For more information, contact New Student Orientation at