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SLU 101 Photo Submission

Now that you are joining the campus community, you will need to obtain an official SLU ID card. You will use your SLU ID card to access various locations and services across campus, including building access, parking, meal plans, printing and much more.

First-time students participating in SLU 101 orientation should submit a photo, following the instructions and guidelines below. You will receive your SLU ID card upon your arrival to campus.

The SLU ID process is facilitated by Parking, Card and Transportation Services office, located in the Wool Building, Suite 130.

Photo Guidelines

Approved photo submission:

Good example

Not-approved photo submissions:

Bad cropPhoto should be cropped slightly above head to middle of chest, similar to a driver’s license or passport.
Bad backgroundPhoto should be taken against a plain, light background.
Bad Black WhiteYou must use a color photo. No black and white or sepia. 
Bad glassesSunglasses, hat, bandanna, etc. should not be worn for your SLU ID photo.

Bad positionYou must be positioned directly facing the camera.

Bad eyesEyes should be open and looking at the camera.
Bad expressionChoose a photo with a natural or neutral expression/smile. Do not use any filters to alter the photo.
Bad currentPhoto must be taken within the last six months to reflect your current appearance.

How to Submit Your Photo

Check your email

All new students will receive an email, to your SLU email address, with a link to upload your picture. If you are a new student and did not receive an email, by May 15 or within two weeks of attending your SLU 101 session, please contact Parking, Card and Transportation Services at 314-977-2957 or Please note that you will also be asked to submit a government-issued photo ID in addition to uploading the photo you want for your SLU Student ID.

Select a device

Photos can be uploaded from your mobile device or computer.

Upload an image
  • Click the link you received via email to upload your picture. Accepted photo formats include JPG, PNG, GIF.
  • Click “Submit Your Photo”
Photo approval

You will be notified via email if your photo was accepted or denied.

Once your photo is submitted and approved, you cannot submit another photo. If you would like a new or different photo on your SLU ID card, please visit Parking, Card and Transportation Services, located in the Wool Building, Suite 130, to have a new photo taken and pay the replacement fee of $25.

Card Pick Up

When your photo is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email stating that your photo has been approved. Your SLU ID card will be available to you to pick up during the SLU 101 program if it is ready in time for your SLU 101 session. If your ID isn't available for pick up during SLU 101, then it will be provided to you upon your arrival to campus during the move-in process if you are a residential student. Otherwise, your SLU ID card will be available for pick up at Parking, Card and Transportation Services, located in the Wool Building, Suite 130. Please remember to bring valid government-issued identification. Acceptable forms of identification include driver’s license, U.S. green card, passport or U.S. military ID card.