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Visitor Parking

Visitors are classified as anyone who does not have a valid SLU parking permit.

If you are on campus for a tour through the Office of Admissions as a prospective undergraduate student, you can obtain a permit that allows you to park in the "Future Billiken" spaces on the Queen's Daughters lot, located at 3730 Lindell Blvd.

If you have an appointment with one of the clinics at McGannon Hall, you can obtain a temporary tag from the receptionist upon arrival and display it in your vehicle's windshield or rear view mirror. This tag allows you to park in one of the clinic spaces on the Queen's Daughters lot.

Visitor parking is available in three designated garages for $2 per hour or $6 for the day, with the exception of events at Chaifetz Arena. During Chaifetz events, day-pass coupons, hour coupons, tokens and other complimentary vouchers are not accepted in lieu of or toward payment of the event parking price. Only cash will be accepted for event parking.  

General Visitor Parking Locations

North Campus

Laclede Garage: 3602 Laclede Ave. Clearance: 7'6"
Olive Garage: 3338 Olive St. Clearance: 8'2" (jointed gate arms 7'6") 

South Campus

Hickory East Garage: 3424 Hickory St. Clearance: 8'2" (jointed gate arms 7'6")

Coupons and Tokens for Parking

Day-Pass Coupons

Non-permit holding faculty, staff, students and visitors can buy day-pass coupons in the Parking and Card Services office during regular business hours. The day-pass coupons are $6 apiece and can be used at any of the visitor garages on campus. Consider this option if you are carpooling or routinely take public transportation but need to occasionally drive to campus.

Hour Coupons

Hour coupons can be purchased from the Office of Parking and Card Services  for $2 per coupon. If the coupon does not fully cover your time in the garage, the difference must be paid to the machine upon exit. If you have multiple $2 coupons, up to three can be used to cover parking completely for one day. Only one $2 sticker can be applied to any give ticket or transaction.

Garage Rate: $2 per hour, $6 per day and $25 maximum per day. Fees of $25 are issued for losing your parking ticket. The visitor areas are denoted by blue pilars with "visitor" in white for the Olive and Laclede garages. All coupons must be used at the exit lane when exiting. The pay-on-foot machines do not accept coupons. Cash, credit cards and debit cards can be used at the pay-on-foot machines, but the machines at each visitor exit only accept credit/debit cards. If you plan to pay with cash, please use the pay-on-foot machine prior to returning to your car to exit the garage. 

Short-term Visitor Parking

North Campus

Brouster Hall: 3824 Lindell Blvd.

Student, faculty and staff parking are not permitted in the Brouster Hall visitor parking areas, and each visitor must register their vehicle information (make, model, color and license plate) upon entering Brouster Hall. 

Student Health Center and Student Physical Therapy patients can use the patient spaces on the lot in front of Marchetti West. Each patient must register his/her vehicle information (make, model, color and license plate) upon entering the building and before the appointment. There are stations at the Student Health Center and Student Physical Therapy where you can complete this task.

Parking and Card Services also offers metered parking along Laclede Ave. and near Reinert Hall that can be paid for with the Parkmobile app or by using the toll free number: 877-727-5973.

Ticketing may occur if:

  • Your vehicle information is not registered after you enter the building.
  • You use these spaces for something other then its intended/signed use.
  • You do not pay for your Parkmobile space.
  • You pay for the wrong Parkmobile zone.
  • You register the wrong license plate on Parkmobile.
  • You let your Parkmobile meter expire.
  • In the event that these locations are full, the visitor parking areas of the Laclede and Olive garages are available.

South Campus

Salus Lot: 3358 Lafayette Ave. 

Visitors using the Salus Lot must have a token to exit. Prior to entering the lot, make certain that you either have a token already or will be able to obtain one from the department you are visiting in the Salus Center.

Tokens can be purchased from the Office of Parking and Card Services in DuBourg Hall, Room 33, for $6 each. Call 314-977-2957 or email for more information.

Overnight Visitor Parking

Due to the new automated systems at the Hickory East, Laclede and Olive garages, visitors can park overnight without purchasing a permit prior to parking. Visitors simply take a ticket upon entrance and then pay the machine upon exit. Those staying on campus longer than a 24-hour period or weekend may be required to purchase a parking permit. For any questions, please contact the Office of Parking and Card Services prior to your visit.

Move In and Move Out

North Campus Loading Zone Map

South Campus Loading Zone Map

Fall 2018 Move In

 Information regarding move in will be available soon.

Spring 2018 Move Out

The parking lots below will be open/staffed for move out during the listed times. The Department of Public Safetywill close/barricade these lots each night and reopen them at 8 a.m. the next morning for loading and unloading.

  • Gonzaga, Regis, Fordham, Banister House, Holy Cross
    Wednesday, May 9, 3 p.m. – Tuesday, May 15, 1 p.m.
  • St. Peters
    Wednesday, May 9, 3 p.m. – Sunday, May 20, 1 p.m.
  • Rockhurst
    Wednesday, May 9, 3 p.m. – Sunday, May 20, 5 p.m.
  • Laclede Garage
    May 9: 20 select 30-minute loading spaces will be signed and located inside garage to the right of security office.
    May 11-15: Permit holders should enter from the west entrance (closest to Spring) to avoid move out traffic congestion.
  • Grand Loop
    Thursday,  May 10 – Tuesday, May 15: Grand Loop will be closed. DPS will reopen at their discretion.
  • Laclede Meters
    May 11-15: Meters will be bagged along Laclede from Grand to Spring. DPS will use these spaces for move out purposes at their discretion.
  • Contractors / Permit Holders
    Contractors and permit holders will be allowed in normal areas of the garage during move out.