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University Permit Fees

Saint Louis University students, faculty and staff can purchase parking permits at various price levels and in varying locations across campus.

To register for parking, use the Parking icon under your mySLU Tools tab. If you have difficulties registering, email All permits guarantee you a parking spot, but they do not guarantee a specific parking space or location on SLU's campus (except Premium or 24-Hour Reserved Law School permits).

See Parking Maps

SLU Student Parking Fees

North and South Campus Parking Fees and Permits

North and South Campus Academic Year (Fall and Spring) Per Semester
Preferred  $810 $405
Resident Plus $700 $350
Resident $560 $280
General/Commuter $440 $220
Part-time General Commuter  $370 $185
Preferred Evening Commuter $190 $95
General Evening Commuter $130 $65
Summer N/A $110


  • Preferred: Access to all preferred parking areas (purple areas on parking maps) and general parking areas (orange areas on parking maps) on the north and south campuses, except the employee-only lots (blue areas on parking maps) or resident lots (green areas on parking maps). This permit includes overnight parking. It does not have access to law school parking areas.
  • Resident Plus: Access to the same areas as a resident permit (orange and green areas on parking maps) but it also includes access to the Laclede garage. This permit is only available to those living in SLU housing, and includes overnight parking.
  • Resident: Access to all resident (green areas on parking maps) and general (orange areas on parking maps) parking areas on north and south campus. This permit is only available to those living in SLU housing, and includes overnight parking.
  • General/Commuter: Access to all general (orange areas on parking maps) parking areas. Overnight parking (2 a.m.-7 a.m.) is prohibited.
  • Part-Time General/Commuter: Only available to part-time students with the same access as the general/commuter permit (orange areas on parking maps).
  • Preferred/General Evening: Allows parking 4 p.m.-2 a.m. according to permit type during the week and 7 a.m.-2 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. General evening has access only to orange parking areas, while preferred evening has access to orange and light purple parking areas. See parking maps for more information on these parking areas.

Scott Hall Fees and Permits

Scott Hall Academic Year (Fall and Spring) Per Semester
24-Hour Reserved  $1,550 (includes summer) $775
Premium $1,290 (includes summer) $645
Preferred $810 $405
Evening - Scott Hall Garage $190 $95
Evening Summer N/A $95
Preferred Summer N/A $110


  • 24-Hour Reserved: This permit guarantees a specific numbered space in the Scott Hall garage 24 hours every day.
  • Premium: This permit guarantees a specific numbered space in the Scott Hall garage from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Preferred: This permit allows access to the AT&T Garage.
  • Evening Scott Hall: This permit allows parking 5 p.m.-2 a.m. in available premium spaces during the week, and 7 a.m.-2 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

All Scott Hall permits are treated as preferred or evening preferred permits on the North and South campus parking lots and garages.

SLU Faculty and Staff Parking Fees

Permit Type Annual Cost Monthly Cost Bi-Weekly Cost Part-Time Bi-Weekly Cost
General (north or south) $620 $51.67 $23.85 $14.23
Preferred (north or south) $920 $76.67 $35.38 N/A
24-Hour Reserved (Scott Hall) $1,550 $129.17 $59.62 N/A
Premium (Scott Hall) $1,290 $107.50 $49.62 N/A
Preferred (Scott Hall) $920 $76.67 $35.38 N/A


Please keep in mind that Payroll does not prorate deductions for parking. You will be deducted the full amount for the pay period regardless of when you activate parking. 

Full-time faculty or staff earning $42,078 or less who purchase general parking or monthly Metro passes through payroll deduction are eligible to receive a $100 per year parking subsidy. This subsidy is automatically applied to your payroll deductions.

Permits for faculty and staff of Scott Hall are treated as preferred permits at north and south campus parking garages and lots.

Contractor/Temporary Parking Fees

Permit Type Annual Cost Semester Cost Summer Cost Month Cost Week Cost

Day Cost

General $620 $255 $110 $80 $20 $6
Preferred $920 $405 $110 $100 $25 $6


Monthly and weekly permits are for consecutive days and months. Permits are valid from one date to the same date in the following month, e.g., April 9 to May 9. If you have any questions about contractor/temporary permits or need a more customized duration, please contact our office for details and pricing.

Parking Fees for SLU Events and Activities

Contact University Event Services at 314-977-6338 to coordinate parking for an event, meeting or conference. If you need to arrange parking for a wedding at St. Francis Xavier College Church or a reception on campus, complete the parking form enclosed in your wedding packet and submit it to the Office of Parking, Card and Transportation Services. 

For parking in either the Laclede Garage or Olive Garage during collection times of an event, SLU permit parkers can enter at the "Permit Holder Only" entrances of both garages (Olive's entrance is located in the center of the garage on Olive, east of Litteken Hall, and Laclede's entrance is the lower level entrance, on the west end near Spring).

The only exception to this will be during a sold-out event at Chaifetz. If this occurs, you must park in the Laclede garage. The permit-holder entrance to Olive will be closed. When this happens, notification signs will be posted outside the garage entrances on the day of the event and the Parking, Card and Transportation Services Facebook page.

You must pay the event parking rate if you choose to enter the garage from an entrance other than the “Permit Holder Only” entrance after event collection starts.

Visitor and Special Event Parking

Ending Your SLU Parking Plan


If you need to withdraw your request for a parking permit, remember that no refunds are given after the first two weeks of the semester.


All deductions are ongoing until our department has received written/typed withdrawal confirmation from the permit holder. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to withdraw from deductions in a timely manner. Most deductions will be terminated at the beginning of the next full pay period. Deductions will continue in the current pay period during which the withdrawal is submitted. Fees are not prorated upon withdrawal. 


Payroll deductions for parking are discontinued the next full pay period following the date you cancel your permit. Since Metro monthly pass deductions are equal deductions calculated based on a year's worth of passes, i.e., 12 passes over 26 pay periods, early termination may result in deductions continuing beyond the next full pay period to cover the outstanding balance of the passes obtained.


Cancel your deductions before the first of the month to ensure that a deduction will not be made from that month's paycheck (e.g. canceling before April 30 to stop May's deduction). Withdrawals processed after the first of the month will be charged the full month's deduction.

Cancel Your Parking Permit