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Academic Portfolio Retreat

Each year, the Office of Academic Affairs and the Reinert Center co-sponsor a two-day Academic Portfolio Retreat, designed to assist faculty in the preparation of third-year review, tenure, or promotion dossiers. The retreat is facilitated by an external facilitator - Marilyn Miller, Ph.D., formerly the director of the University of Missouri Program for Excellence in Teaching and an educational consultant - and hosted by the Reinert Center.

The retreat typically occurs on a Friday and Saturday in the early spring semester, and participation in both full days is required. During the retreat, participants reflect on, write about, and organize evidence of their teaching, research, and service contributions, in preparation for third-year, tenure, or promotion review. The retreat provides faculty with additional information about University-level dossier expectations and an opportunity to come together across disciplines, as a teaching and research community, for conversation and mentoring. Participants begin working on a preliminary draft of their academic portfolios.

Faculty are recommended for participation by their department chairs or program directors. There is a cost for registration, which typically is covered by the faculty member’s department.

To learn more about the Academic Portfolio Retreat, consult these Frequently Asked Questions