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Communities of Practice

Reinert Center hosted Communities of Practice are small groups of instructors dedicated to intentional, sustained study of pedagogy in a particular area of interest either as a stand-alone group or as a continuation of a Reinert Center institute or workshop.


We are currently offering two pilot Communities for spring of 2023 (descriptions below). These are open to full- and part-time faculty.


  • At least five (5) with a maximum of ten (10) instructors (a given topic may have more than one community of practice if the number of interested participants warrants it)
  • New members may join at the beginning of a semester (fall or spring)
  • Continuing members have up to four semesters, or as is appropriate for a particular topic/group


  • A minimum of two, one-hour meetings during Spring 2023
  • Prepare by reading and reflecting on material before meeting
  • Contribute ideas for readings or other materials to discuss


  • $50, dispersed in a gift card at the end of the semester

Pilot Topic areas

  • Artificial Intelligence and Teaching

The Community of Practice for Artificial Intelligence and Teaching will identify and discuss trends in teaching and learning in the era of AI. We will read current opinions and research related to developing strategies to incorporate AI in our practice or to develop responses focusing on learning without the use of AI.

  • Assessing Student Learners

The Assessing Student Learners Community of Practice focuses on assessment strategies across teaching modalities. Participants will consider the role and purpose of assessment in their individual teaching context by evaluating different assessment types, approaches, strategies, and techniques. Additionally, a focus is placed on digging deeper into current issues, topics, and controversies surrounding course assessment, including alternative assessment, culturally-responsive assessment, ungrading, and academic honesty.

Registration for these Communities of Practice is open until February 22. Meeting dates and times will be determined once the group is formed. 

To register for a Community of Practice please visit the registration page here.