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James H. Korn Award

As a formal recognition of engagement in the process of research on one’s own teaching, the James H. Korn Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award was established in 2006, in acknowledgement of Dr. Jim Korn's many contributions to the research on teaching and learning. Professor emeritus in Psychology, Dr. Korn was deeply committed to scholarly teaching at SLU; he was also a member of the faculty committee that first established the Reinert Center in 1997. 

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) involves asking questions about student learning and teaching activities; answering those questions by assessing student learning and effectiveness of teaching strategies; and publicly sharing results of this inquiry in a setting that invites peer review.

Examples of SoTL research include:

  • Implementation of a new teaching strategy and documenting its effectiveness;
  • Documentation of development and implementation of an interdisciplinary teaching approach;
  • Research on teacher performance, e.g. research on the effect of videotaping on teacher performance;
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of a new teaching approach in a course or curriculum, e.g. evaluation of the use of collaborative writing in a composition course;
  • Research on effectiveness of integrating service learning or technology into a course.

An Award ceremony is held during the fall semester as the culmination of the annual Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Symposium; recipient(s) receive their award at that time, as well as present briefly on the award-winning research.


The Call for Nominations typically is issued each fall. Nominations can be self-submitted or submitted by others knowledgeable of the nominees' work. Recipient(s) are selected through a peer review process, led by SLU faculty.

Past Award Recipients

2006 - James Korn
2007 - Jay Hammond
2008 - Mary Rose Grant, Michael Goldwasser, David Letscher
2009 - Janet Kuebli
2010 - Paul Lynch and Janice McIntire-Strasburg
2011 - Lee SmithBattle, Patricia Freed, Sheila Leander, Dorcas McLaughlin, Nina Westhus
2012 - Kara McBride
2013 - Irma Ruebling, Rebecca Banks, Judy Carlson, Ginge Kettenbach, Kathy Kienstra, Mary Kreiger, David Pole, and Nina Westhus
2014 - Michelle Lorenzini
2015 - Stuart Slavin
2016 - Rebecca Aldrich
2017 - Simone Bregni
2018 - Kim Levenhagen and Chris Sebelski
2019 - Anthony Breitback, Katie Eliot, Leslie Hinyard, and Ginge Kettenbach
2020 - Michael Mancini, Brandy Maynard, Shannon Cooper-Sadlo
2021 - Kelly Everard and Kimbery Shiel
2022 - Margaret Bultas 
2023 - Dannielle Davis