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Try It! Grant Recipients

2016 Recipients

Below is a list of funded projects from summer 2016 that are currently in progress.

Lauren Arnold, Epidemiology
"Facilitating student engagement in a large lecture course"

Douglas Boin, History
"'Wait, What Did We Just Do?': On-Line Polling As A Way to Practice History-Based Skills in Large Lecture Courses"

Paul Bracher, Chemistry
"Acquisition of a Supersized Tablet as an Alternative Chalkboard and Capture Tool for Video Grading Keys in Sophomore Organic Chemistry"

Philip Huling, Mathematics
"Flipping Calculus for the Modern Learner"

2015 Recipients

Sheri Anderson-Gutierrez, Languages, Literature, & Cultures
"Intermediate Spanish Midterm Video Assessment Tool"

Donna Duberg, Biomedical Laboratory Science
"Documentation of student performance in a medical mycology laboratory course to provide for efficient and effective real time debriefing of organism identification"

Margaret Hassler, Cathy Barry, and Liz Schmerold, Nursing
"Simulated Nursing Care of the Obese Patient Utilizing the New Simulaids SimObesity Shirt"

S. Maggie Maloney, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
"Infusing Motivational Interviewing and SBIRT for Substance Use Disorders into the Master of Occupational Therapy Curriculum"

Cynthia Matlock, Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science
"'rehabilitating' the teaching and learning of professionalism"

Jennifer Monahan and Daria Sokic-Lazic, Chemistry
"Secure Mailboxes for Submission of Freshman General Chemistry Lab Reports"

Sarah Walsh, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
"Bringing the clinic to the classroom: Developing professional behaviors through the use of video cases"

Chezna Warner, Physician Assistant Education
"Using Simulation-Based Learning to Improve Clinical Decision-Making Skills in Physician Assistant Students During Didactic Training"

2014 Recipients

Margaret Bultas, Nursing, "Using Immediate Feedback in the Nursing Classroom to Improve Student Learning Outcomes"

Linda Haycraft, Cynthia Rubbelke, Nursing
"Using QR Codes and Handheld Scanners to SImulate Hospital Medication Administration Scanning Systems for Pre-licensure Nursing Students"

Amber Hinsley, Communication
"iPad Minis: Creating Multiplatform Journalism with One Device"

Will Lindquist, Civil Engineering
"Tower de Force"

Nathaniel Rivers, English
"Geocaching as Public Rhetoric"

Claudia Vidal, Dermatology
"Flipping a Portion of the General Dermatology Medical School Elective"

Lisa Willoughby, Psychology; Srikanth Mudigonda, School for Professional Studies;
Hisako Matsuo, Sociology and Anthropology; Lauren Arend, Educational Studies
"Expressing New Forms of Creativity and Collaborative Learning and Teaching Through Pen Tablets in Graduate Statistics Courses"

2013 Recipients

Beccy Aldrich, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, "Transforming Space to Transform Student Engagement and Interaction"

Heather Bednarek, Economics, "Just-in-Time Detours and Refreshers"

Olubukola Gbadegesin, Fine and Performing Arts, "Bridging Chasms: Field-Service Learning at the Intersection of Black Visual History and Social Justice in St. Louis"

Paolo Hoffman, Finance (Madrid), "Application of a Writable Tablet to Enhance Teaching, Learning, and Student Engagement"

Sharron Pollack, Fine and Performing Arts, "iLook, Eye See, I Draw - Using an iPad to Enhance Understanding in Drawing"

Amy Ravin, OBGYN, School of Medicine, "Using Model Simulation to Enhance Medical Student Education about Labor and Delivery"

Amanda Reed, Donna Duberg, Mona Hebert, Clinical Lab Sciences, "Flipped Classroom: Applications in the Student Laboratory"

Chris Sebelski, Ann Hayes, Physical Therapy and Athletic Training, "Pedagogy Innovations Using iPad Minis and Apps to Enhance Visual Analysis of Lower Extremity Movement in the Curriculum of the Program in Physical Therapy"