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Fall Welcome Space Request Process

The Saint Louis University Event Services department, in conjunction with the Office of the Provost, the Vice President of Student Development, and the Assistant Vice President of Student Engagement, is putting this process in place to equitably distribute space between various departments that would like to hold events during the Fall Welcome time period. In August 2023, the Events Department oversaw 283 events dispersed between 12 event locations. It is our hope that this process will streamline all requests to allow groups more time to plan for their activities.

To best serve the community, we are implementing this process so we can gain the necessary logistical information in advance of the high-volume season. Once that information is acquired, our office will use the guiding principles to coordinate space and equipment allocation while maximizing the number of events held on campus.

Guiding Principles

  1. Collect relevant requests by specific dates to allow for a more equitable space allocation decision-making process.
  2. Priority is given to kick-off events that are geared toward welcoming students, faculty and staff.
  3. Second priority is based on the logistical needs of events (i.e.number of attendees, timing, set-up preferences, etc).


Step 1: Anyone wishing to host an event in a location administered by Event Services is invited to fill out the form indicating all event information and needs.

Step 2: A draft schedule for the month of August is sent to all primary event contacts, giving them two weeks to review and note any additional requests or concerns.

Step 3: Two weeks after the draft schedule is sent, any requests and concerns that arose in the review process are addressed by Event Services.

Step 4: Final, revised schedule sent to all primary event contacts.


Our team requests that anyone who would like to host an event during August fill out the Google form indicating:

  1. Primary contact
  2. Event title
  3. Sponsoring organization
  4. Event date
  5. Event start and end times
  6. Event description
  7. Expected attendance
  8. Location preference(s)
  9. Room layout(if applicable)
  10. Outdoor equipment (if applicable)