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Sponsorship Guidelines

All events hosted on campus should be geared toward our campus community and must remain in line with our Jesuit values and missions.

Internal Events

Internal Events are hosted solely by a campus department or organization and whose attendees will be primarily, if not completely, from the SLU community. These events do not have to pay any fees associated with booking a location, however they will be subject to fees from our campus partners.

These fees may include but are not limited to parking, stage set-up, overtime cleaning services, or security.

Co-Sponsored Events

Co-Sponsored Events are a collaboration between a University department or organization and an external entity. Student organizations do not qualify as a sponsor and will need support from the Student Involvement Center to host a co-sponsored event.

All location fees will receive a 50% discount for a co-sponsored event. All other fees will be charged in full. These fees may include, but are not limited to, parking, stage set-up, overtime cleaning services, or security. It is the responsibility of the campus sponsor to ensure that payment to event services has been made. Any fees not covered by the external organization will be charged to the campus sponsor. 

External Events

We do not allow for external events on our campus. An external event is one that is hosted solely by an external organization. All personal and private events are considered external. 

Alumni and retired/previous employees are considered external and may not host an event on campus. Current employees and students may not host private parties on campus.