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Data and Research Support

Geospatial data adds a key layer of insight to many challenges researchers are facing across all disciplines. The Geospatial Institute at Saint Louis University provides support for researchers and students throughout the entire research cycle from study design, data acquisition, and analysis to visualization and reporting. We thrive on helping our faculty and partners with exciting research.

Available Services

Our data scientist and the team provide support in the following areas:

  • Research design
  • GIS data needs:
    • Exploration of existing data sets (public and SLU-specific data access)
    • Custom field data acquisition (if needed)
  • Data analysis:
    • Data management and processing
    • Analysis including statistical, machine learning and artificial intelligence
    • Visualization, mapping and interpretation
  • Reporting and communicating results

Data Discovery and Capture

Geospatial data come in all types, formats and sizes. It can be satellite photographs, hyperspectral imagery, Lidar cloud points, Census data, tweets with location, cell phone mobility data, and more. We can help you navigate these different data types, understand what already exists and how to access it.

If your research question requires new data that do not exist, we can help in collecting that with your equipment and expertise (learn more on the SLU Remote Sensing Lab website). 

Our team has expertise in UAV data capture and processing, GIS data creation and management, GPS acquisition, spatial statistics and machine learning. UAV sensors and options include photogrammetry, multispectral, hyperspectral, thermal and Lidar. We can provide standalone, analysis-ready data for your team, or we can assist with data interpretation, analysis, and visualization.

How to Request Services

Requesting geospatial data and research support begins with completing a short form.

Complete the GeoSLU Data Services Support Form

After receiving your information, we will review the request and get back to you within 7-10 business days. If applicable, we will develop a scope of work (including data needs, analysis, deliverables, timeline and estimate). Please note that we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

Cost of Data and Research Services

Basic consultations and small projects (less than 10 hours) are provided free of charge. Providing support to a grant application with a geospatial component is also free of charge.

Please contact us for costs related to large projects (more than 10 hours) and support in executing grants.